Who Is Hauser Girlfriend 2023? Revealing The Special Someone In His Life!

Hauser girlfriend 2023: Croatian cellist Stjepan Hauser has a girlfriend as of 2023. In June 1986, Stjepan Hauser was born in Pula, Croatia. Along with Luka Sulic, he is a member of the group 2Cellos.

In addition to playing at venues including the Royal Albert Hall, Wigmore Hall, Southbank Centre, and Amsterdam Concertgebouw, he has performed in more than 40 different nations. Although he is quite popular with regard to his career, but fans want to know who is Hauser girlfriend 2023?

Stjepan Hauser recently started d@ting. On social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram, the Croatian cellist posted pictures of himself and his lover. Fans grumbled that he wasn’t a nice guy to d@te after observing his d@ting habits. In this article we will discuss everything there is to know about Hauser girlfriend 2023.

Who Is Stjepan Hauser Girlfriend 2023?

Stjepan Hauser is seeing a girl named Mariia. When Hauser and Mariia started d@ting is unknown. The two have not addressed any speculations involving them or revealed whether they are d@ting.

On June 11, 2023, in Rome, the cellist shared a number of images of the couple. His post featured the hashtag “ROMAntico,” along with the Italian flag and a red love emoji. In the photos, Hauser and Mariia appeared very close and in a few of them, it appeared as though they were ready to k*ss. Mariia can be seen sitting on Hauser’s lap and adoringly gazing at him in one picture.

Who Is Stjepan Hauser Girlfriend 2023
Who Is Stjepan Hauser Girlfriend 2023

The following day, Hauser posted two videos of himself playing the cello on a boat for his new partner. The two were dressed in white and looked stunning. They also had a platter of strawberries, grapes, and wine.

While playing his instrument, Hauser watched Mariia, who was listening to the music and enjoying the cellist. He captioned one of his videos, “Beautiful Maria of My Soul.” Since that time, Hauser hasn’t shared any images or videos of himself with his purportedly new girlfriend. The identity of Mariia is unknown.

You can see the official Instagram post by Hauser which confirms his relationship with Mariia.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by HAUSER (@hausercello)

Are Fans Happy With Stjepan Hauser’s Relationships?

Fans and followers of the cellist have been criticizing Hauser’s dating practices ever since the cellist released photos of himself with Mariia. Mariia was frequently contrasted with Benedetta Carretta, his ex-girlfriend.

Hauser and Carretta were adored together. Together, the two performed duets of songs. They began d@ting during the COVID-19 pandemic, and there have been reports of an engagement between the two. Carretta and Hauser, however, did not vouch for them.

Have a look at the Twitter post by Glamour Buff which verifies the breakup of Hauser and Benedetta Carretta.

The two broke up without giving their supporters or fans any explanation. Netizens continue to ship the couple even though they are no longer together and mention their connection whenever Hauser publishes photos of herself with other people.

Irene Garcia Moreno, a former Miss Spain, was d@ting Hauser at the time. They frequently shared images and videos of one another online. But the internet users weren’t pleased. Presently, the same is taking place. The majority of comments under Hauser’s images with Mariia come from online users criticizing him for spending his time dating rather than creating music.

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Many people criticized Mariia for being too young for him and termed him cheap. Many have pointed out that this might be a publicity gimmick for both, though. Netizens had already expressed their displeasure with Hauser’s images of a girl. For instance, the cellist shared several pictures of herself with actress Maya Talem in February 2023.

About Hauser girlfriend 2023, that is all we know. Visit our website, greenenergyanalysis.com, for more information about other celebrities’ girlfriends.

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