Apple May Release The High End iPhone Ultra In 2024

According to a Bloomberg report published on Sunday, Apple may introduce a new iPhone tier named “Ultra” that would be more expensive than its Pro and Pro Max versions. According to the source, the next iPhone tier might be unveiled in 2024 at the same time as the iPhone 16 series. The brand has previously used the term “Ultra” to distinguish between its top-tier smartwatch, the Apple Watch Ultra, and the most advanced M1 processor. According to the source, Apple has internally contemplated releasing an Ultra model iPhone.

However, other than pricing, it is currently unclear how the Ultra model would vary from the Pro and Pro Max models. The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, reportedly stated during last week’s earnings call that he thinks consumers will pay more for superior products. According to the report, Cook added, “I think people are prepared to really push to obtain the finest they can afford in that category.” In response to CNET’s request for comment, Apple delayed its response. This fall, the company is anticipated to release the iPhone 15 series.

There are rumors regarding what might be in the new phones, despite the fact that not much is known about the new lineup. According to one report, all upcoming iPhone models would incorporate USB-C connections for charging. In 2022, the European Union decided that starting in 2024, USB-C would be the standard charging cable for all smartphones. Another speculation regarding the iPhone 15 is an increase in price for all smartphone models. The current range of US prices for the iPhone 14 variants is $829 to $1,599. Check out all the iPhone 15 rumors, what Apple might do with iPhone 15 prices, and which iPhone is ideal for you for more information on Apple.

High End iPhone Ultra
High End iPhone Ultra

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The iPhone SE 4 From 2024 Might Already Be Scrapped

Apple might disregard its entry-level model as its Pro line becomes more and more popular. Wouldn’t you consider it worthwhile to purchase if you could obtain the same performance as an iPhone 14 for about half the cost? The following year’s release of Apple’s budget-friendly iPhone SE may not happen, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

The iPhone SE 4 From 2024 Might Already Be Scrapped
The iPhone SE 4 From 2024 Might Already Be Scrapped

On Jan. 6, Kuo stated in a Medium article that “the supply chain has received orders from Apple indicating that the manufacturing and shipment plans for the 2024 iPhone SE 4 have been scrapped rather than delayed.” If Kuo’s forecasts come true, Apple alone will be aware of the cancellation’s rationale. However, studies and news reports indicate that there might be a straightforward solution. The popularity of more expensive iPhone models may make Apple feel less motivated to pursue less expensive devices like the iPhone SE. To CNET’s request for comment, Apple did not answer.

The third-generation iPhone SE, which was released in March, has a starting price of $429 and is effectively an iPhone 8 with an iPhone 13’s internals. In his iPhone SE (2022) review, CNET’s Patrick Holland dubbed it a “mind-blowing deal,” but he also pointed out missing features that make it feel archaic, like as the lack of a full-screen design or night mode for the camera. You can follow us on Facebook.

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