Hospital Playlist Season 2 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Many More

Hospital Playlist is a South Korean Medical Romance Comedy Television series written and directed by  Lee Woo-jung and Shin Won-ho, created by Lee Myung-han. The series is the second part of the show Wise Life after Prison Playbook. In January 2019 it came to light that the script of the first season of the series took on and about four years to complete and filming started in October 2019 but due to a coronavirus pandemic the series had to be filmed on set and the production concluded in the April end. The Hospital Playlist Season 1 premiered its first episode on 12th March 2020 on tvN and last episode on 28th May 2020. After the telecasting of each episode on tvN the episode was premiered in South Korea on Netflix, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and other few countries where English is being spoken. By the last episode of season 1, the series set a record and became the 10th highest rated Korean series in television history. 

Hospital Playlist Season 2| Release Date

The second season of the series was released on 17th June 2021 on tvN and also made the record for the top viewership rating for the very first episode of tvN’s series. The second season will also have 12 episodes just like the first one. 

Hospital Playlist Season 2| Cast

Most of the characters will appear again in the second season also along with the supporting casts. Check out the below list to know the names of the characters.

  • Jo Jung-suk in the main role of Lee Ik-jun
  • Jung Kyung-ho in the main role of Kim Jun-wan
  • Yoo Yeon-seok in the main role of Ahn Jeong-Won
  • Jeon Mi-do in the main role of Chae Song-Hwa
  • Kim Dae-myung in the main role of Yang Seok-Hyeong
  • Kwak Sun-young in the role of Lee Ik-sun
  • Shin Hyun-bin in the role of Jang Gyeo-wool
  • Ahn Eun-jin in the role of Choo Min-ha
  • Moon Tae-yoo in the role of Yong Seok-min
  • Jung Moon-sung in the role of Do Jae-hak
  • Kim Jun-han in the role of Ahn Chi-hong

The series also has many other characters for their supporting roles like Choi Young-joon, Seo Jin-won, Choi Young-woo and many others.

Hospital Playlist Season 2| Plot| What’s the next chapter supposed to be?

As we all know, the series is so amazing that its first season received multiple awards. So, for the folks who haven’t watched the first season yet let us first take a quick summary about season 1 before getting into the synopsis of the second one.

The series revolves around the five doctors who are friends from the time they were in their medical school since 1999 and currently in their 40s. The character of Lee Ik-jun who is an assistant professor of general surgery and specialized in transplanting of Liver. He is a single Father who looks after his son alone following his separation with his wife. Kim Jun-wan who is an assistant professor of cardiothoracic surgery and seems like a very cold-hearted person but is actually just being professional with his work. Ahn Jeong-won who is an assistant professor of pediatric surgery and is emotional, caring and kind also gets emotional for his patients really easily along with that he thinks to be a priest as he is Christian. Yang Seok-hyeong who is an assistant professor of gynaecology and obstetrics, separated from his wife and cares a lot for his mother. Chae Song-hwa who is the one and only lady in their group. She is an associate professor of neurosurgery and recognized as flawless by her mates.

At the end of season one, the fans were trying to figure out whether Lee Ik Jun and Chae Song Hwa will confess their feelings for each other or not. Finally, Ik Jun somehow managed to get all the courage to express what he feels for Song Hwa and this made the doctor incredibly nervous with her ex-colleague. Before Song Hwa could make any decision, Ik Jun told her that she is free to take appropriate time to get into a decision and after that he took a leave to go for a meeting in Spain. The fans are eager to see what their relationship will look like further. On the other hand, Seok-Hyeong looks forward to the upcoming life in a happy way after he decided to stay at the hospital instead of taking over his dead father’s company. Towards the end it was seen that he receives a call from his ex-wife now the thing that needs clarification is whether she is willing to reconnect with him and build a relationship again or she wants to get the money that she is entitled to after the demise of his father. Although it’s clear that he wasn’t glad to see her call. We may see that in the second season.  We may expect all these questions to be answered in the second season.


This is going to be really exciting to watch the second season of the series and we are sure this season will also break many records. Stay tuned.

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