Queen Sugar Season 7: Next Episode, Trailer And Everything We Know About The Ava DuVernay Drama

It’s hard to believe that Queen Sugar has reached its final chapter. Over the past few seasons, the show’s popularity has risen because of its masterful weaving of sometimes controversial subjects into the fabric of a very well-written drama and its realistic portrayal of families and relationships.

In a message posted on Oprah Daily, series creator Ava DuVernay reflected on the show’s seven seasons thus far. Having the opportunity to write and produce seven seasons of a modern drama centered on a Black family is a radical act in our industry and a triumph

Read on for a quick recap of this week’s episode:

“Ralph Angel and Darla learn startling information about Sam Landry that could threaten the co-op. Micah finds his footing, and Nova grows closer to Camille. Plus, Hollywood and Violet discuss their future in fostering.”

Queen Sugar Season 7 Cast

  • Rutina Wesley (True Blood, Outsiders) as Nova Bordelon
  • Kofi Siriboe (Insecure, Girls Trip) as Ralph Angel Bordelon
  • Nicholas L. Ashe (Custody, Are We There Yet?) as Micah West
  • Bianca Lawson (Save the Last Dance, Vampire Diaries) as Darla Sutton
  • Tina Lifford (Scandal, The Rookie) as Violet Bordelon
  • Omar J. Dorsey (When They See Us, Genius) as Hollywood Desonier
  • Henry G. Sanders (DMZ, Selma) as Prosper Denton
  • Ethan Hutchinson (Secrets of Sulphur Springs, The Tragedy of Macbeth) as Blue Bordelon
how many episodes of queen sugar season
how many episodes of queen sugar season

Queen Sugar Season 7 Plot

Several stories were left open at the end of Season 6 that could be developed in subsequent episodes. For instance, the relationship between Nova and Dominic (McKinley Freeman) should be really interesting to watch. The pairing was heavily hinted at in Season 6, so it will be exciting to watch what unfolds between them now. The Bordelons are a very close-knit family. To what extent will Dominic feel out of place?

To change gears slightly, Ralph Angel and Darla’s new baby girl should be an interesting shift for the marriage, especially in light of the recent financial limitations, the couple has faced. Concerns have been raised concerning Ralph Angel’s future prospects in the agricultural industry following the poisoning of his crops during the previous growing season and the subsequent designation of the farm as a historical site.

Season 7 will also feature the continuing development of Hollywood and Vi’s romance, Micah’s gradual transition into adulthood, and Blue’s efforts to adjust to his new role as an older sibling. Although Charley is not a series regular, she will have a significant arc in the next episodes.

Queen Sugar Season 7 Trailer

The upcoming season, like every other, promises to be enthralling. But without Charley in the show’s regular setting, it will have a very different vibe.

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