How Old Is Marzia: The Italian Internet Sensation Is Expecting Her First Child

As everyone is well aware Marzia Kjellberg is a widely recognised internet personality who is well known for her YouTube videos. In addition to this she is also a businesswomen. She makes a living out her YouTube career.

The videos she posts on her channel includes mainly beauty, fashion, inspirational, movie reviews, book reviews, vlogs, hauls and gaming. She has always been in the news, but currently she is in the public eye because she is expecting her first child with her husband. In this article we will discuss everything we know about How Old Is Marzia.

How Old Is Marzia?

Marzia Kjellberg was born in Italy on October 21, 1999, in the town of Arzignano. She is 31 years old in 2023. Marzia Kjellberg was born to Arziano Bisognin and Franca Bisognin. She had an elder sibling named Davide Bisognin with whom she grew up. They started dating in 2011, got engaged on April 27, 2018, and tied the knot in August of 2019. They share their home with two pugs named Maya and Edgar.

Formerly known as Cutiepiemarzia, the Italian social media personality and businesswoman gained recognition through her channel, Marzia. She posted fashion videos on YouTube and helped her viewers learn Italian. Over 8 million people follow her itsmarziapie account on Instagram, attesting to her fame.

Marzia Kjellberg is an Italian fashion designer, entrepreneur, and Internet star. While Kjellberg is best known for the videos she posted to a now-defunct YouTube account, she has also ventured in writing, fashion design, and entrepreneurship.

How Old Is Marzia
How Old Is Marzia

The Popular YouTuber PewDiePie And Marzia Is Expecting Their First Child

In a recent social media post, Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, better known as the popular YouTuber PewDiePie, revealed that he and his wife, Marzia Kjellberg, are expecting their first child. The online celebrity also informed his 111 million YouTube viewers through a video montage entitled “We’re having a kid.”

The video shows the couple recording their path to motherhood through Marzia’s expanding belly, as well as taking four positive pregnancy tests and viewing their baby’s ultrasound. You may also like How Old Is Brandi Carlile.

PewDiePie was spotted revealing the news to his followers, saying, “I’ve been keeping a secret from you guys. And that is – I’m going to be a dad!”

He continued by saying that they learned about Marzia’s pregnancy in November of 2022. The YouTuber continued by saying that he was grateful that everything was going so smoothly.

In 2019, after dating for eight years, PewDiePie and Marzia tied the knot. They first met in 2011. They’ve been a couple for nearly 12 years, but they’ve just been married for four. Have a look at How Old Is Paris Hilton.

Relationship Timeline Of PewDiePie and Marzia As Couple Announce Pregnancy

PewDiePie says the following things about his wife:“Although Marzia’s been dealing with sickness she’s been taking it like an absolute champ.” The 33-year-old man elaborated, saying:“So yeah. I’m gonna be a dad!”

The content creator also stated that he found the news to be kinda strange, but that he is excited for the upcoming journey: “It’s entering new territory but I feel really ready and so does Marzia.”

He continued by saying how grateful he was to be starting a family with his soul mate:“I know that whatever is ahead of us, together we can do it.” After eight hours, the YouTube video had over 2.8 million views, and towards the end, a scan result revealed that Marzia was due in July 2023. You may also be interested in How Old Is Eva Longoria.

As soon as the news broke, followers went into a frenzy, flooding the couple’s social media accounts with well-wishes.

Marzia and PewDiePie First Interacted On Facebook

A mutual friend introduced Marzia to PewDiePie in 2011 after Marzia watched one of PewDiePie’s Idiot Playing Video Games videos. Because of her admiration for the creator’s videos, Marzia reached out to him on Facebook. Possibly of interest to you How Old Is Kristen Chenoweth.

After Felix travelled to Italy to meet Marzia, the two finally did meet in person. Soon after, the two reportedly began dating, spending the majority of 2012 together in Sweden and Italy before finally making their way to Los Angeles.

In the end, they chose to live in Brighton, which is also where their close YouTuber friends Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes live. The couple has three dogs together: Maya, Ynk, and Edgar.

After starting her own successful YouTube channel, Marzia quickly became a regular guest star on Felix’s videos. In 2018, the two were engaged. It has been reported that Felix proposed to his girlfriend while they were in Japan, with the caption, “She said she’d think about it.” Marzia added, “He proposed,” to the group’s collective announcement.

August of 2019 saw the couple officially tie the knot in a small ceremony in London’s Kew Gardens. They apparently got married on the eighth anniversary of the day they first met. After being married for four years, the happy couple is expecting their first child.

To sum up, it is clear that we have talked about How Old Is Marzia. The couple announced on social media that they are expecting their first child together. If you would like to know more content, please visit our website

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