How to Get Homunculus in Diablo 2: Resurrected

Diablo 2 now offers more powerful monsters with more abilities, yes! You heard it right. The Homunculus is the Necromancer’s go-to symbol which is offering +2 abilities to all Wizard skills, +2 Curses, and a +40 percent benefit to all defenses in Diablo 2.

We might get lucky and get rare that offers you slightly better boosts and powers to some of the abilities our build truly requires but for most of the parts when a Homunculus drops then you can stop worrying about what to put in your off-hand. 

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Although being end-game quality, Homunculus falls under the mid-tier range of gear with an IV of 50 and a required character level of 42. Around the middle of Nightmare difficulties, you can start hoping for one to drop which makes Nightmare Sample an excellent opponent to farm for it.

Stats on Homunculus

In the below section, we have mentioned the durability and defense of the Homunculus iLv50.

  • Defense 175 – 210
  • Durability Homunculus iLv50
  • Defense 175 – 210
  • Homunculus iLv50 20
  • Strength Required: 58

Abilities required at Level 42

  • Curses get a +2 
  • +20% increase in Necromancer Skill Levels 
  • Increased Block Rate by 40% +150 percent
  •  +200 percent Increased Chance of Blocking Improved Defence 
  • +20 points for energy
  • Mana regeneration is 33%.

After each kill all resistances get

  • gain +40 and 
  • mana gains +5

For most Necromancers, Trang-Wing Oul’s is not a good substitute for Homunculus but it is not a bad alternative especially for a Toxic Reaper. This symbol gives +2 Poison and Bone Skills and a healthy dose of Strength and Skill along with significant Fire resistance bonuses.

Homunculus in Diablo 2
Homunculus in Diablo 2

It is a three-set item bonus that reduces enemy Poison Resistances by 25% and makes Trang-Wing Oul’s most competitive for the Poison Necromancer. 

Although this armament has a low ILv of 32, the basic item is a Cantor Trophy that is unlikely to drop until the middle of Nightmare difficulty. As a result, getting it from Nightmare Mephisto should not be too difficult.

Trang-Oul’s Wing Cantor Trophy

Trang-Oul’s Wing Stats

  • Trang-Oul’s Wing
  • Defense 175-190
  • Durability 20
  • Required Strength 50
  • Required Level 54
  • +2 to Poison and Bone Skills 
  • +30% Increased Chance of Blocking
  • +125 Defence
  • +25 to Strength
  • +15 to Dexterity
  • Fire Resist +38% to +45% 
  • Poison Resist +40%
  • 25% to Enemy Poison Resistance
  • Replenish Life +15

The above-mentioned weapons are the best weapon for a Summon Necromancer as it offers an insane amount of skill boosts to the most useful skills. While this weapon lacks +Skill and +Necromancer skills as it does offer +2 Summoning and +2 Poison and Bone skills leaving just Curses out in the elements.

The Arm of King Leoric gives +2 to Raise Skeletal Wizard, +2 to Terror, +3 to Raise Skeleton, and +3 to Skeleton Mastery for individual skills.

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This weapon just needs a +5 increase to Skeleton Mastery and Raise Skeleton to win a position in a Summon Necromancer hand. It also offers +1.25 % of stamina at each level and a 10% Cast Rate bonus which is not game-changing but adds to an already strong weapon.

The Drawback of New Weapons

However, there is one important disadvantage that when you take damage the weapon has a 10% chance of launching Bone Prison. The element’s description claims when struck, but traps will also set it off. If it is a distance attack, you will be alright because the Bone Prison will develop around the faraway criminal but if it is a close attack then your attacker will be close to you and the Bone Prison will likely trap you near your enemy. 

This is probably not the situation you want to be in. Even if it does not force you to remain loyal to monsters trying to brutally murder you, the Bone Prison this weapon generates can be a pain in the neck, especially in tight spaces where they will do everything they can to keep you from moving ahead. It is a minor irritation but it is not enough to overshadow the weapon’s other benefits.

With an ILv of 44, it should be able to drop sometime around the middle of Nightmare difficulty, which means Nightmare Demon Slayer is probably the best and earliest foe to farm for it.

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