How To Unlock Characters In Spelunky 2

An amateur player of Spelunky 2 always desires to have the best playable character in the game. However, among all of them, a question always remains the same. I.e., How to unlock characters in Spelunky 2? And their curiosity is justified because the game’s primary aim isn’t just to beat it. As per the developers Mossmouth and BlitWorks, the goal is to understand and explore its worlds.

By exploring, you will get to know how to use everything in the game to survive. A player always gets enough time to learn about the worlds, as every session ideally lasts a little bit longer than the previous one.

In the gaming world, Spelunky was introduced in 2008. But since then the developers are adding a lot of new features to the game to make it more interesting. The new features are as follows new skins, new playable characters with several other mesmerising features.

How To Unlock Characters In Spelunky 2?

Hold your horses, since the ways to Unlock Characters In Spelunky 2 are straightforward. Follow the below mentioned step-by-step guide to know How To Unlock Characters In Spelunky 2.

As a player, you can initiate the unlocking process from coffins. There are some particular coffins, that you can easily find near to the caves. As these caves are randomly generated in the game.

If you still can’t see any coffin at the entrance (notwithstanding I am 100% sure that you will always find them at the entrances), then enter the caves. Upon entering, you’ll find numerous scattered coffins laying around.

After selecting/finding a coffin, you must open it to get rewards, and the bonus characters will also be unlocked. Upon opening the coffins, you may also get NPC characters. These NPC’s might be helpful throughout your journey in divergent means.

List of Spelunky 2 Characters and Their Location

  • Ana Spelunky: Default 
  • Margaret Tunnel: Default 
  • Colin Northward: Default 
  • Roffy D. Sloth/: Default 
  • Alto Singh: Default 
  • Liz Mutton: Location: Jungle
  • Nekka the Eagle: Location: Black Market (secret area in Jungle)
  • LISE Project: Location: Volcana
  • Coco Von Diamonds: Location: Vlad’s Castle 
  • Manfred Tunnel: Location: Olmec’s Lair, Ankh Room
  • Little Jay: Location: Tide Pool
  • Tina Flan: Location: Abzu
  • Valerie Crump: Location: Temple
  • Au: Location: City of Gold
  • Demi Von Diamonds: Location: Yeti Cave
  • Pilot: Location: Mothership
  • Princess Airyn: Location: Neo-Babylon
  • Dirk Yamaoka: Location: Sunken City
  • Guy Spelunky: Complete the game to unlock
  • Classic Guy:  Complete the game to unlock
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