Huey Haha: Cause of Death Revealed for 22-year-old TikTok Star

Nearly four months after his untimely death, medical examiners have finally determined the cause of Huey Haha’s death.

The body of the popular YouTuber and TikTok star was discovered in his Stockton, California, home on October 25. He was 22.

Huey Haha Cause of Death Revealed

On Friday, People magazine reported that he had committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. This was confirmed by the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office report that the publication had received.

huey haha cause of death
huey haha cause of death

Huey, whose name was Huey Ha, was survived by his fiancée Heather Saizon and their daughter Princess, who was two years old at the time of his death.

Back in 2019, the comedian originally rose to fame after uploading hundreds of short comedic clips to the video-sharing app TikTok. Soon after, he had built a massive fan base, and his videos had been viewed over 4.5 million times.

He also had over 200,000 Instagram followers and approximately 450,000 YouTube subscribers.

A GoFundMe page was established after Huey’s death to help with funeral expenses and provide for Huey’s girlfriend and little daughter. Donations to the cause have topped $46,000, and supporters are still dropping by to leave their support in the form of little tokens.

“I just found out about Huey’s passing today,” one admirer wrote in a recent message. “I was wondering why it has been so long since he posted — thought he was on a small break or something. I wish it was just that. Rest easy, Huey. Thank you for being you.”

Coby Jdn, a comedian friend of Huey’s, set up the GoFundMe page.

Jdn wrote a heartfelt tribute to his pal on Instagram shortly after his passing.

“Used to saying RIP, but this hurt the most💔 we always hated comedy cuz all people see is laughs, not what we hadda do or go through,” Jdn posted on Instagram. “They already took the fun out of the comedy, but now it’s not gon be the same without you. We love you, brother see you in the future.”

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