Hunting Atlantis: Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Everything You need to Know

If you are curious and super excited to know about the Hunting Atlantis documentary series? If yes then check all the latest updates below. 

Hunting Atlantis is a documentary series that follows two veteran experts Stev Pavlov and volcanologist Jess Phoenix. They both travel around the world from one corner to another corner of the place just for searching, investigating, and revisiting old tombs, unearthing buried sites, and various cities, artifacts, and geological disasters.

Hunting Atlantis is almost and completely based on the philosophers and historians who have been searching and investigating something unique and antique for thousands of years. 

Hunting Atlantis is also considered one of the most unimaginable mysteries of the world today. The coming season of the Hunting Atlantis will premiere on Discovery Channel by Revelations Entertainment along with executive producers James Younger, Kelly Mendelsohn, and Lori McCreary.

The first season of Hunting Atlantis” premiered on June 2, 2021, on Discovery Channel. If you want to know about its release date then keep reading further because in the section below you can find the major updates related to the show.


Hunting Atlantis: When is the new series going to premiere?

Yes, you have landed at the right place to know about its release date. I must tell you guys that the waiting game is almost over for the fans and the new Hunting Atlantis documentary series is already on the Discovery Channel since 1st of July, 2021. You can visit Discovery Channel to watch the most mysterious show and explore a lot there. 

This show will have a total of six episodes and every Wednesday the new episode will be aired on the same channel after season one completely ends. The entire show will be aired for 7 weeks and will be re-broadcasted further with the same name on the same channel.

All the documentary series lovers can watch the show on the Discovery channel and can enjoy the series of six episodes to their fullest. For more insights, you can visit Discovery Channel and YouTube to watch the trailer of the geological show.

Till now, season 1 has garnered lots of love from the audience. Now it’s time to review the season of the same name then go and watch the trailer as well to get moved by the show.

Hunting Atlantis: Who can be the cast of the most awaited show?

As mentioned above it is not a family show nor a movie. Being an investigative and geological show, it has limited cast members who go on visiting the various sites to explore something old which has been unique and antique for all the time. However, we have few key members on the list. Let’s check it out.

  • Stev Pavlov
  • Jess Phoenix

These two are the main cast of the show around whom the entire show will revolve as they travel together to many unknown places of the world to explore, uncover and investigate the many mysteries of the world.

This exploring season 2 will be more mysterious with lots of suspense and loaded with new information. We should watch the show to uncover our myths and explore the new myths of the world along with Pavlov and Phoenix.

What could be the plot of the forthcoming season?

The two veterans will be leading the show to explore the hunting of Atlantis. The show is all about the destruction of Atlantis way back at the beginning of the 5th millennium of BCE.

Two veterans will be joined by a volcanologist and an adventurer in the latter part of the show. Steve Pavlov has his theory of visiting Atlantis and where he and Phoenix will try to figure out whether the theory of Pavlov stands correct or not. 

The entire show will revolve around the exploration of Atlantis. The duo will go on adventures to uncover the buried sites, sunken volcanoes, and vanishing rivers, drying forests, extinction of animals, and finding out the lost cities of Atlantis.

This is going to be great fun watching the duo sharing every piece of information. You can watch the show along with your family and this is going to be an attention-seeking show which might surprise you with tons of updates.

Hunting Atlantis: Is there any trailer for the show?

Yes, the show’s trailer has been released on the Discovery Channel which you can watch and find out what can happen next in the upcoming episodes of the released show.

Final Words

You can watch the show once season 1 comes to an end. Season 2 will be aired on 21st July 2021 on the same platform.

Till then, stay tuned with us to grab more such latest updates and share your views on what you have explored or left uncovered from season 1 of Atlantis. We will update the section once season 1 finishes its broadcasting on the Discovery Channel.  

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