In/Spectre Season 2 Release Date Status, Cast And Plot (UPDATED)

Crunchyroll, one of the most popular places to watch anime online, recently added the extremely famous anime film “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train”.

The “Mugen Train” movie is now one of much popular anime that can be watched on the streaming service, which also has popular shows like “Naruto” and “One Piece”.

Crunchyroll is now also a producer of original anime, in addition to the licensed content, it already offers. “Tower of God,” a Korean WEBTOON adaption, “FreakAngels,” and the fantasy romance story “In/Spectre” are among the eight original shows the site announced in February 2020.

A total of twelve episodes make up the first season of the “In/Spectre” anime. Even though there isn’t much information out there right now, it is certain that there will be a second season of the show. Season 2 of “In/Spectre” is currently in production.

Release Date for In/Spectre Season 2

In/Spectre’s second season was first revealed in a blog post by Crunchyroll in November 2020. It also included remarks from the creator of the textual source material, the manga’s author, and one of the show’s major voice actors, as well as a promo for the upcoming season.

Instead of showcasing new sequences from Season 2, the teaser focuses on revisiting the previous season. This season’s voiceover is all that’s new—it retells some of the most important events from season 1.

At the end of the trailer, there is an indication that Season 2 is in the making, but there is no further information as to when the season would be released.

Because the current pandemic has impacted anime as much as any other kind of entertainment and because it appears that no animation has been completed as of November 2020, the next season of “In/Spectre” will not be released until at least mid-to-late 2022.

In/Spectre Season 2
In/Spectre Season 2

Main Characters of In/Spectre Season 2

The main character of “In/Spectre” is Kotoko Iwanaga. Yokai kidnapped Kotoko at the age of 11 and took her to their self-contained society within the series fiction.

The name “Yokai” refers to a category of monster spirits that includes creatures like the turtle-like Kappa and the long-nosed Tengu, the inspiration for the “goblin” emoji.

Yokai are common in Japanese folklore. In the yokai realm, Kotoko was chosen as the “Goddess of Wisdom,” a yokai envoy in the real world. However, this has elevated her prominence among yokai, but it has cost her an eye and a limb.

Other than Kotoko, Kuro Sakuragawa is another yokai-related young man. Kuro, on the other hand, is dreaded among the yokai due to a childhood incident in which his grandmother fed him yokai flesh, whereas Kotoko is cherished.

However, he is endowed with numerous superpowers due to his intake of the yokai. These include the capacity to predict his own destiny and the ability to heal himself of nearly any damage.

The Plot of In/Spectre Season 2

The plot of “In/Spectre” centers around the involvement of Kotoko and Kuro in the Yokai world and their developing romance. Kotoko and Kuro are now officially a couple, rather than just courting one another, at the end of Season 1. This will have a significant impact on Season 2.

Season 2 of “In/Spectre” is anticipated to be heavily influenced by the second volume of the light novel series written by author Kyo Shirodaira, because the first season was based on the first volume.

Patrick Frye, the writer of Monsters & Critics, evaluated season 1 of the anime to its original material and found it to be remarkably similar.

Kotoko and Kuro investigate a mystery at Totomizu, a beach tourist resort, in the second volume of the light novel series. Rikka, Kuro’s distant cousin from Season 1, returns as an enemy.

In the lead-up to its eventual release, more information about the storyline of “In/Spectre” Season 2 and how it may resemble or diverge from the light novel series should be revealed.

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