When Will In The Dark Season 4 Going to Release on Netflix?

“In the Dark” season 3 concluded on October 6, 2021, thus it’s time to speculate about the show’s fourth season. It’s good news for fans that The CW gave the show an early renewal back in February, so viewers know the fourth season is on its way.

That means more dark crime dramedy starring Perry Mattfeld’s blind, alcoholic, emotionally immature, and sex-addicted protagonist, Murphy, is on the way.

In the beginning, this cynical teenager was involved in solving a murder, but subsequently, she was also involved in money laundering, blackmail, the search for a missing person, and coming to know the criminal world as a result of her investigations. Murphy eventually even became a wanted person.

Indeed, the show has evolved significantly since its early days, with several plot twists and turmoil driving the action.

If you’re eagerly anticipating the return of the show to learn what will the future hold for Murphy in the upcoming season, keep reading to learn more.

And if you haven’t caught up yet, the third season of this underrated show has just been released on Netflix. Season 4’s current status is as follows.

In The Dark Season 4
In The Dark Season 4

Season 4 Is on Its Way, but We Have No Idea When

As part of The CW’s 2021-2022 TV season, which began in September and extends through the summer of 2022, the show was renewed for a fourth season. Three seasons, each with 13 episodes, have premiered about a year apart.

After a short, perhaps COVID-19-influenced delay on June 23, 2021, the third season of the show premiered in April 2020.

The premiere date of late spring or early summer 2022 would be reasonable if the show stays on schedule, which is highly unlikely considering the fact that it has already been renewed.

As with previous seasons, it will be available on Netflix.

Those who haven’t seen all three seasons on Netflix have plenty of time to do so. Season 4’s plot is still a mystery, it’s possible that viewers may witness a reformed Murphy in upcoming episodes, but what would be the pleasure in that?

You can expect a lot of surprises in the upcoming season of “In the Dark” no matter which storylines it chooses to follow.

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