In This ‘SNL’ Satire, Trump and Steven Seagal Solicit Money for the Russian War Effort

Saturday Evening Live put viewers through a fictitious scene in which Steven Seagal and then President Donald Trump raise money for Russia amid the Ukraine conflict.

The skit, named “Ukrainian Invasion Celebration,” has been filmed at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago and has been hosted by Fox News presenters Laura Ingraham (Kate McKinnon), and Tucker Carlson (Alex Moffat).

The hosts wanted to raise money for “the true victims of this invasion: the oligarchs.”

McKinnon’s Ingraham said, that we are required to think about the babies – their sugar babies.” “Who will be the first to fill vodka into their mouths? There are so many hungry mouths to feed.” “So kindly, open your wallets,” Carlson said, “and since this is Fox News, either send the money or consider taking out a reverse mortgage.”

He further said that those who had raised over 8.3 billion rubles, or about $12.

Trump (as played by James Austin Johnson) then came on the scene, working these same phone lines. However, as usual, his sales pitch slowly evolved into a rant about some of the other matters, which included Rihanna. “And you understand, the point about Rihanna is that she could pull it off, but even if she’s nine months pregnant, her body’s still amazing,” as said by Johnson’s Trump in a non-mission-related comment.

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He then further said how very much he enjoys The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot Bel-Air and how he’s been backed by aquatic whales during his presidency. Soon after, Bowen Yang’s character, “great American patriot” Steven Seagal, showed up in a kimono.

“Oh, what kind of a worldwide issue we’re in as somebody who claims to be  Japanese and Native American and,” as said by Yang’s Seagal. He further said that he and  Putin are, just like they say in ancient Japan, Eskimo brothers,”. He further referred to his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Following that, he began to pay Putin homage with a drab “authentic Taekwondo exhibition.”

Steven Seagal, Trump Raise Money for Russia- Ukraine War in ‘SNL’ Parody

Mikey Day in the role of  Donald Trump Jr. Trump‘s son  and Kimberly Guilfoyle (acted by Cecily Strong) also had to make an exception appearance and perform a pro-war duet version of  Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s song “Shallow.” At the end of the show, the fictional ex-commander-in-chief took to the mic and sang a love song to “Vlad” in an off-key rendition of Frank Sinatra’s “My Funny Valentine.”

steven seagal
steven seagal

As Redd ended the relationship, the growths acted by Isaac, Kenan Thompson,  Bowen, Kyle Mooney,  Charli XCX, and Aidy Bryant,  broke into harmony. The war in Ukraine was once again the subject of jokes at the expense of Russia’s dictator. She joked, saying that it is very It’s astounding how much pain could have been ignored if Putin (5’6″) was a few inches taller.”

To that Colin Josh shared his reaction saying  Senator Lindsey Graham’s call for Kremlin to assassinate Russian President.  He described the Republican as “a surprising very unacceptable example of Lindsey Graham staying quiet about something.”

In the last skit, Isaac played a janitor at school, reciting passages from his novel about Dua Lipa’s romance, much to the amusement of the students along with the despair of Bryant, who would be back in his more typical chaste position as a homely teacher. Charli XCX, a British star, also performed her music “Baby” and “Beg For You”.

For the second week in a row, Pete Davidson was completely missing from the show as he continued his shooting for a film and ignored threats from ex-husband Kanye West of Kim Kardashian. The NBC show is going to be back next week. This show is hosted by Zo Kravitz of “The Batman” and the series features music by Rosala, a Spanish sensation.

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