Everything We Know About Industry Season 2

One of the best TV discoveries of 2020 was HBO’s financial drama Industry, which followed a group of young recruits at the fictional investment bank Pierpoint & Co.

The UK-based drama, which premiered on HBO in November and finished up exactly at the end of last year, drew us all with its soapy perspective on the high-stakes workplace drama, while simultaneously presenting a sharp critique of its toxic subject matter. With each passing episode, the suspense grew more intense and visceral.

When the characters wake up in the morning after a night of partying, they can’t help but look around at the wreckage and wonder what will happen next.

A post-COVID world may compel the company’s open-plan office, where everyone is trying to get a “half a yard” deal and is going to go for a “bevy” at the end of the day, for a change. In the meantime, below we have mentioned everything we know so far about Season 2 of Industry.

Renewal Status of Industry Season 2

HBO announced the renewal of Industry for a second season on December 10, with showrunners Mickey Down and Konrad making a comeback.

Executive vice president of HBO programming Francesca Orsi remarked, “Mickey and Konrad have captured an authentic, fresh angle on workplace culture from the bottom up and presented a complex look at navigating life in your early twenties–replete with thrills, failures, and victories.”

Industry Season 2
Industry Season 2

Release Date for Industry Season 2

That’s still up in the air, and a lot of it is probably dependent on shooting conditions relating to COVID. Succession, for example, had to reschedule several times in the past year due to a lack of available time slots.

Filming for Industry, which is based in London, could also be put back.

However, it appears that production is picking up speed. Season 2 read-through copies of the first two episodes were tweeted out by co-creator Konrad Kay on June 29, 2021, along with a “Management Offsite” shirt.

The second season should arrive by the end of 2021, ideally, but it appears that it will happen in 2022.

Trailer of Industry Season 2

Since the show has yet to begin filming, there is no official trailer available as of now. However, you can check out the trailer for season 1 below.

The Cast of Industry Season 2

Even though Season 1 intimated that things might change, the core cast looks to be staying the same for Season 2.

In the meantime, Eric (Ken Leung), who was demoted in the middle of the season, was seen walking around with a baseball bat in hand, while Harper (Myha’la Herrold) will be back at her desk making hazardous trades and transactions over the phone.

To a similar extent, the corridors of Pierpoint will likely be watched by both Rob and Yasmin (Harry Lawtey and Marisa Abela).

What about characters like Gus, played by David Jonsson, or Daria, played by Freya Mavor? The fact that they both left Pierpont in Season 1’s finale suggests that they won’t be returning for Season 2.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, co-creator Mickey Down hinted that he would return to the show. There is always the possibility that these characters could return in some form, whether inside or outside of Pierpoint.

Eric’s wife Candice (Alexandra Moen) was mentioned in an interview with Vulture by Ken Leung. According to Leung: “She’s even more powerful than he is in her world.”

“So they’re like this crazy power couple that, like, who knows? [Laughs.] Anything could be happening to them. Hopefully, we’ll see more about that.”

The Storyline of Industry Season 2

There was a sense throughout the first season of Industry that the series was setting the basis for storylines that would stretch beyond the scary showdown with management on “RIF (Reduction in Force) Day.”

No one was going to lose their job. At her most disruptive, Harper has a bright future ahead of her at the company.

The upper ranks of the company are expected to be the focus of the second season of the show. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, co-creator Konrad Kay stated, “We have quite a big story engine for season 2 about the bank higher-ups.”

According to an interview with Awards Daily, the show’s producers are also trying to make some of the banking content a little clear to viewers without financial expertise, saying that they think the show would be more fun with “more intelligible banking storylines.” 

Kay said, “When we look back at Season 1, there’s a lot of character stuff we’re really proud of, we’re really proud of the performances.”

“But as Mickey says, we’re trying to do a better job of giving the audience more to hang on to episode to episode.”

Is it possible that the show will be renewed for a third season? It all comes down to how long the audience is enthralled. During an interview with GQ, Down indicated that he and Kay would like to continue the show for numerous seasons. He said, “The idea of doing a version of the show which goes on for a long time is one that we’d love to do.”

“But it’s not up to us. You’ll have to wait and see.”

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