Inventing Anna: Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

The first look at Shonda Rhimes’ new series has been officially released which tells the real story of Anna Delvey who is a scam artist who enjoyed a beautiful life in New York City while posing as a German heiress is now available.

Delvey is seen walking around New York City with a purse full of cash, sitting front row at a fashion event, and being transported across town in the glimpse. It also shows the perspective of a writer attempting to figure together with the unique and mysterious tale of the New York City party girl as she awaits her theft trial.

The first photos from the series show Anna wearing glamorous clothing and surrounded by luxury before her scam takes a sharp turn and she is being visited in prison by Vivian.

On January 14, 2022, a full-length trailer starring Julia Garner as Delvey and Anna Chlumsky as a fake reporter named Vivian was released. In the below section, we have shared all the facts related to the upcoming series Inventing Anna. 

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Inventing Anna: Release Date

The Netflix series “Inventing Anna” will be available to stream beginning on February 11, 2022. If everything remains up to the plan and covid-19 does not hamper the team and their show, then it is certain that the series will be released on its mentioned official date.

Although anything new comes on the way then we will share all the recent facts about it with all the fans out there. Till then stay tuned with us and keep visiting the post. 

Inventing Anna
Inventing Anna

Who is Anna Delvey?

Anna Delvey was the nickname of Anna Sorokin, a German lady who moved to New York in 2013. Sorokin pretended to be a wealthy German heiress under the fake identity to gain a grip on New York’s social scene. She went under that identity until the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office began investigating her for bank fraud in 2017.

In reality, Sorokin’s parents were from low-income families. Before becoming a housewife, her father worked as a truck driver, while her mother worked as a grocery store owner. She was born in Domodedovo, near Moscow, in January 1991, and moved to Germany with her family when she was 16 years old.

In 2011, Sorokin came to London to study at Central Saint Martin, but eventually dropped out and returned to Germany. She then moved to Paris to do an internship at Purple, a fashion magazine in France. She started going by the name Delvey in Paris.

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Inventing Anna: Cast 

As of now, we do not have the exact characters and their roles, so we cannot share the entire details of the characters and their roles. However, there are so many anticipated characters who have been floating over the internet that are discussed in the below section with their brief description. So keep reading further so that you do not miss any upcoming cast of Inventing Anna.

  • Julia Garner as Anna Delvey
  • Anna Chlumsky as Vivian
  • Arian Moayed as Todd
  • Laverne Cox as Kacy Duke
  • Anders Holm as Jack
  • Katie Lowes as Rachel
  • Terry Kinney as Barry
  • Jeff Perry as Lou
  • Anna Deavere Smith as Maud
  • Alexis Floyd as Neff
  • Marika Dominczyk as Talia Mallay
  • Kate Burton
  • Rebecca Henderson as ADA Catherine McCaw
  • Tim Guinee as Paul
  • Caitlin FitzGerald as Mags
  • Armand Schultz as Landon Bloom
  • Chris Cafero as David Morrison
  • Kathleen Garrett as Sasha Thomas

Inventing Anna: Plot

As of now, the showrunners have not officially announced anything compact about the plot for the next installment. However, with the trailer released we can extract a few plotlines for the upcoming project.

The show is based on the true story of scam artist Anna Delvey, who fooled some of New York’s wealthiest socialites into believing she was a billionaire princess. 

Anna traveled the world on private aircraft, attended prestigious events, and went on luxury vacations while living in a high-end New York hotel, but her complicated web of lies got out of control and the reality of her situation and identity was exposed. However, these are only speculations until and unless developers come up with a concrete plot.

Once the official plot is surfaced then it is probable that we will share all the facts about the plot of Inventing Anna.

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Inventing Anna: Trailer

The streaming platform that is Netflix has officially announced the trailer on January 14, 2022. In the official trailer, we witnessed Anna Dalvey and many other characters being very addictive, glamorous, and wild.

At the end of the trailer, we noticed Julia Garner’s change into Delvey as well as her accent is breathtaking. To watch the official trailer you can visit various platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and many others as well.

The second trailer for Inventing Anna, Netflix’s brand new series about fake German billionaire turned media celebrity Anna Delvey has been released. Shonda Rhimes makes a fantastic effort in the upcoming series which has garnered some reactions from fans regarding lead actress Julia Garner’s accent. For more entertaining updates and news, you can stay in touch with us. 

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