Invisible City Season 1 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, Trailer And What we Know so Far

Many people have heard about unicorns, dragons, fairies, and mermaids, but few believe that they exist in the first place. We all grew up hearing stories about unicorns and dragons, and many of us wished we could have one as a pet or a protector, but as we became older, we understood these creatures only exist in our minds.

However, their tales continue to captivate us, and we are far more intrigued by myths than we are by real-life creatures. According to this, the director of “Invisible City” is introducing us to an imaginary universe that includes his own creative touches.

A few days ago, the first trailer for the series was revealed, along with the date of release.

Invisible City Season One Release Date

Season 1 of the show was just confirmed, along with the cast members who would be appearing in it. There will be an English-language version of the show, which will first air in Brazil.  Those who have seen and are lovers of movies like Rio, Ice Age, and are familiar with the work of Carlos Saldanha will definitely like this one.

Unlike his past works, his recent work is aimed at an older and more mature audience. The premiere date for the show has been set for February 5th.

invisible city
invisible city

Invisible City Season One Cast

The show features Marco Pigossi as Eric and Alessandra Negrini as Ines, both of whom had previously been in Cleopatra and Tropical Paradise, as well as in Australian Tidelands and Alta Mar.

In addition to them are Taina Medina as Fabiana, Julia Konrad as Gabriela, Jessica Cores as Camila, and Victor Sparapane as Manaus in Jesus and Jezabel.

Invisible City Season One Story

The show is planned to release in February, and while the show’s cast and creators have given us a few details, the show looks exciting. An eight-episode first season revolves around a detective who is sucked into a parallel universe where mythical creatures live and collide with the real world.

However, when detective Eric enters the planet after being called in to look into a murder, he discovers a world where the animals are invisible to humans. The detective is dragged deeper into the conflict between the two worlds.

The show, which is a hybrid of fiction and fantasy drama, has only disclosed a few details about its storyline, but it looks intriguing and a treat for fans of the fantasy drama.

Invisible City Season One Trailer

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, you can check it out below.

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