iPhone 12 mini deals just hit their lowest price ever… how to grab the deal

Are you searching for a smartphone that is more power packed, fits in your pocket easily? 

Now you can take a rest because iPhone 12 is one of the best options for you that fulfill all your requirements.Here, you will get to know about the best iPhone 12 mini deals of this week. 

iPhone 12 mini is that smartphone which is every bit as powerful as the other 12-series devices and it is more than $100 cheaper than other smartphones of the same features.

iPhone 12 mini launched at an introductory price of $699 beating all other smartphones of this price segment. It has a new A14 Bionic processor with an upgraded OLED screen. iPhone 12 mini is also equipped with Apple’s new ‘Ceramic Shield’ technology. This technology provides four times more shatter-resistant than standard glass. This phone is especially loved by those users who like squared-off edges and glass-backed design as in iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

Why should you grab the deal!

If you are planning to buy an iPhone 12 mini, you have landed at the right place. Here you will get to know about the best deals of this week available for your dream phone along with a mini specs description. 


For the last few months, iPhone 12 is dominating the space on Amazon because of its cheapest price on all four smartphones. Despite this, Amazon has reduced the price of the iPhone 12 mini further. Presently, iPhone 12 mini is available on Amazon for just £250. If you are planning to buy this smartphone, this is the best time to buy this because you are saving £179. At this time, you are getting this price at the lowest price ever. It will be very surprising for us if we will get this device lower than this price in the future before the release of the iPhone 13.

Maybe, there are some chances that you’ll not receive this device soon because of its high demand. Amazon has less stock of this device, and if you are lucky enough to order this device you have to wait for one to two months from the order date.

However, if you want the discount it is exclusively available only on green color variants only because the other color variants are running out of stock. So if you are planning to buy an iPhone 12 mini, order it now because there is a possibility that the green color will also go out of stock in the future. If you are a person who can’t wait for a month or more. Then you can go for the white color variant of this smartphone which is available on Amazon with a discount of £120 right now.

What makes the iPhone 12 mini so popular in the market?

While smartphone brands are focusing on the large screen of their devices. Apple launched iPhone 12 mini that is pocket-friendly, equipped with many advanced features that make this device unique from other devices. Its dimension is only 5.4 inches which have the same high-end Super Retina displays as iPhone 12 family.

iPhone 12 mini also supports 5G despite its size and price tag.iPhone 12 comes with Apple’s MagSafe feature, the upgraded A14 Bionic chip. This device also has Dolby Vision technology which is rare to see in other smartphones in the same price segment. It comes with the latest A14 Bionic processor that makes the working of the device very smooth. You can run many applications without any lag.

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Apple equipped their 12 series with a glass-backed design which they claim is four times more shatter-resistant than its earlier designs. This is based on Ceramic Shield technology. To provide wireless charging to their users they equipped this phone with new Mag-Safe charging technology. However, Apple said wireless charging won’t be fast on the Mini, because of overheating reasons.

If you are planning to buy a pocket-friendly smartphone where you don’t have to sacrifice features in order to be budget friendly , then the iPhone 12 mini is a good option for you.

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