iPhone SE 3 Release Date Status Leaked Just Before the Apple Event

iPhones have been the center of attraction for all the mobile phone aficionados and the ones searching for advanced tech and luxury at the same time. Apple is known to have carried on a legacy of mobile phones to its epitome.

The phones of the company are the Ferrari, Porsche of the world of mobile phones. No wonder even the small rumor of any of its features becomes a piece of burning global news. Any product Apple launches becomes a part of the lifestyle. Whether it be iPod, iWatch, etc. 

Well, this time we are having this news regarding the release of the flagship phone, iPhone SE 3 launched by the company. What our sources tell us is that the phone will not have this rumored name and will be called iPhone SE(2022) or iPhone SE Plus 5G. The phone will be an upgraded version of the iPhone SE (2020). The news of its release has leaked, and our sources tell us that the phone will come to the market on March 8.  

Several specifications of the phone are also out along with the news of its release. We have compiled a list of the same for you to read. So, sit tight while we take you on a little tour. 

Apple iPhone SE 3 Specifications

There are rumors that the phone will have 5G, and the design of the phone will likely be similar to its earlier versions. The screen size is likely to remain the same. However, we do not rule out the possibility of its increase. The phone will also have a powerful A15 Bionic chipset and a 12 MP camera with a new sensor.

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The new phone may have big bezels. The screen will most likely be a 4.7 inch LCD screen or might also have a larger screen size of 5.7 inches or 6.1 inches. The phone will also have a touch screen scanner. The battery of the phone is expected to be the same 1821 mAh. The phone will have 3 GB of RAM. 

Apple iPhone SE 3 Price

Apple has already sent out invites for the event that will happen on March 8. The phone is expected to have a cheaper price than its earlier models. The price of the phone is around $300 in the US. This price drop is most probably to compete with the cheaper phones, which are eating up the market of the mobile phone giant.

iPhone SE 3
iPhone SE 3

Apple iPhone SE 3 Release Date

From what our source tells us is that the phone is most likely out this March 8 event. 

However, there are also the rumors that company will officially launch the phone towards the end of March 2022 or between April to May. However, the most reliable news of those seems to be of March 8, 2022. The date is subject to change since it is based on various rumors and news flying around. 

Consumer expectations from Apple iPhone SE 3

Lately, there has not been much to the iPhones in terms of design, and the company has made small changes but has kept the overall look to be the same. The few changes are giving consumers boring vibes from the phone. It is not worth it for those, who at least to the ones who want their phones to be a style statement.

The market is infested with cheaper phones which happen to have better specs and improved technology. Phones with OLED display, higher resolution, modern design, better battery life, and screen size, and the tech fans are inclined towards those.

The consumers expect Apple to up its game and give them a better version with better screen refresh rates, battery life, display, and more specs than the already existing. Lately, there has been a paradigm shift, and the consumers want value for their money, at least the middle class and the technologically advanced ones. We look forward to embodying new features in the new Apple phone soon in the coming years.

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