Iraqis Nab Isis Finance Chief With $5 Million Bounty on His Head

Iraqi forces have taken into custody an important member of ISIS and it has been said that he handles the Money of phobia group, the prime minister of the nation revealed on Monday.

What does Mustafa Al-Kadhimi say on the same?

Mustafa Al-Kadhimi took to Twitter that Sami Jasim al-Jabari had been found in a “complex external operation.” Although Mustafa Al-Kadhimi didn’t disclose the exact location of the place om where they took off Sami Jasim al-Jabari, as per reports a senior Iraqi navy supply suggested to AFP that he had been taken into custody in Turkey.

Are Turkish officials aware of the mission?

As of now, there is no clarity regarding whether the mission was already known by the Turkish authorities or are they even concerned about the matter.

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What do Air Force authorities have to say on the subject?

Air Force Lt. Col. Joel Harper who is a spokesperson for the US-led alliance to conquer ISIS, refused to comment anything on the operation although he appreciated Iraqi partners saying “our brave Iraqi partners as they regularly lead and conduct destructive blows to the remnants” of the cruel terror organization.

Iraqis Nab Isis Finance Chief With $5 Million
Iraqis Nab Isis Finance Chief With $5 Million

Did the state department give any reward for the exchange of such crucial information?

The accused Islamic State finance chief was taken out in an operation abroad. The United States authorities had given as much as $5 million in an exchange of information which consequently resulted in the arrest of al-Jabari. The Reward for Justice Campaign of State Department explained him on its website as a “senior leader” of ISIS, “a legacy member” of its precedent Al Qaeda in Iraq, and added further as “instrumental in managing finances for ISIS’s terrorist operations.”

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After ISIS surpassed giant fields of Iraq and Syria in the year 2014, the State Department claims that al-Jaburi performed responsibilities like its “finance minister”, instructing the sale of oil, minerals, pure fuel, and antiquities on the black market. He was identified as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist in September 2015 from the Treasury Department.

Can Al-Jabari be believed as a detailed member of the late ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?

As per reports, it has been believed that Al-Jabari has been a detailed member of the late ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who burnt himself up in the year 2019 when US Forces had conducted raids in his hideout in north-western Syria. As per Reuters, Al-Jabari is simply the most important member and also the second senior ISIS chief who has been taken into custody alive which is making him a probable box filled with every detail about the capabilities of the group and intentions in its post-Baghdadi state.

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Hassan Hassan who is editor-in-chief of News Lines Magazines and also an ISIS professional said to Reuters in an interview that “He is involved in the day-to-day operations of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, so strategically and tactically, this is a significant capture for the Iraqis.”

What is the estimate by the Western navy officers?

According to anticipation made by the Western navy officers, it is claimed that ISIS nonetheless has at the minimum of 10,000 fighters across the entire Syria and Iraq while most of them are in distant areas. Though in December 2017, the Iraqi officials announced their victory over ISIS, yet the group has never stopped to uphold the smack on police and navy installations, taking the lives of dozens of people before this year. Iraqi safety forces had arrested Sami Jasim Muhammad al-Jabari, who is a basic supervisor of the financial information for an Islamic state. 

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