Is Biden Overlooking the Bureau of Prisons as a Reform Target? 

Recently, President Joe Biden took an action to start shifting federal inmates out of privately run prisons because the complaints of abuses abound.

The US (Washington) has been one of the biggest prison populations in the world. Its prison population is almost outrageous because almost 50% of the former prisoners were arrested within one year of release, 16% were arrested for the first time in the second year and 8% within the third year, and the remaining of the prisoners were arrested within seven to nine years which shows that the number of arrest rate is quite high in the US and most probably it will increase in coming years also. 


Why is prison reform needed?

The United States’ criminal justice system is broken. This is all because the way the entire system has been established leads to the profits of lawyers and many government bureaucrats. Arresting prisoners in the meantime does not lead to a reduction in the crime rate neither it protects society nor teaches any lesson. Overall it does not reform anyone. This specific system has fostered corruption among politicians and a number of bureaucrats but for the last few decades the government at all levels has finally started to grapple with the need for reform 

The overpopulation of prisoners in the US has pressurized President Joe Biden to come up with new criminal justice reforms and took quick action after his inauguration and started shifting federal inmates out of privately run prisons and stated that this is the beginning of his administration’s plans to curb out the systematic problems in the criminal justice system.

What is the reason behind Joe Biden’s prison reform? 

With this reform action plan, it is expected that it is going to reduce increasing state crime and local prison populations in the US. This reform will also make the justice system more equitable, less punitive and majorly it will enhance public safety. Now the lawmakers of the Joe Biden team have a chance to make significant changes to the criminal law and its justice system. This agenda or we can say reform might offer an array of hope that would curb and transform the criminal justice system. Earlier, most criminal overhauls require action from local officials or legislation. Now reforming the federal prison system will lead to being under the control of Biden’s administration because it was a crying need to improve in this system.

The prison reform will result in new requirements and seems to be taking the view of eliminating harsh sentences and criminal laws for crime will definitely result in a potential drop in the number of arrests and prison cases in the US and it will lead to no increase in danger to the life of the average person.


The efforts and motivation from the side of Joe Biden’s team have tried to address the criminal justice system and should be applauded because it will improve the condition inside the prisons, improves the effectiveness of a penal system in America, and ultimately implements alternatives to incarceration. Combined with a renewed emphasis on effective punishment, increased attention to circumstances within jailhouse walls, and a different social attitude towards ex-offenders will lead to and can shape a new vision for prison reform that America urgently needs.

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A balance of justice in America

Locking up an enormous number of prisons in America has made the country safer and largely removed the crimes from the city but the number of incarceration have been increased which ultimately led to the increase of cost to the country. Joe Biden’s administration has put their efforts into making the justice system more reliable and tried to reduce the prison population by making the prison more humane to those who serve behind the bars. This reform action in the US was implemented wisely and cautiously which can mitigate the tremendous number of crimes in the cities across the country and now America can remain safe from the number of prisons and crimes.

The reform action will lead to a reduction in the number of prisoners and number of crime cases which will administer the equitable legal system of the country and will be safer for the people out there.

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