Is Charlbi Dean Cause of Death Confirmed or Not? All You Need to Know are Listed Here

Sadly, it has been announced that the great and well-liked actress Charlbi Dean has passed away, and Charlbi Dean Cause of Death Confirmed has been revealed. The circumstances of her death remain unknown, but the loss of this promising young performer has certainly devastated the entertainment industry and her devoted fan base. Charlbi Dean, a South African native, first gained widespread acclaim for her roles in films like “Blood Feast” and “Canary.”

Immediately, she was hailed as a gifted actor who could portray a wide range of roles convincingly. Many of Charlbi Dean’s fellow actresses and admirers have expressed their sorrow and sadness at the news of her unexpected passing, which has sent shockwaves throughout the entertainment business.

Her unmatched skill and profound influence on the film and television industries will endure long after her untimely death is forgotten. Our deepest condolences go out to Charlbi Dean’s loved ones and to those of us who were fortunate enough to have worked with her during her too brief time with us. I pray that she finds eternal peace.

Is Charlbi Dean Cause of Death Confirmed?

Bacterial sepsis and “a consequence from asplenia” caused Charlbi Dean’s death. The cause of death of the 32-year-old former model and actress who died in New York City on August 29 has been confirmed.

She had “remote blunt trauma to her torso,” which led to “bacterial sepsis,” according to a representative for the New York City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, who confirmed the cause of death to PEOPLE. Dean, who lost her spleen in a vehicle accident in 2009, had an infection with the unusual bacteria Capnocytophaga, which can grow in human lips.

Is Charlbi Dean Cause of Death Confirmed

Those who don’t have a spleen or who have autoimmune disorders are more likely to contract the illness. Unfortunately, the cause of the infection is still unknown because the autopsy results have not been made public.

Charlbi Dean’s cause of death was confirmed by Antonio Tabet, who tweeted about it.

Dean’s brother Alex Jacobs reported earlier this year that she had started having minor symptoms, leading her boyfriend, Luke Volker, to take her to the hospital. He explained: “This happened within a day: getting a headache, going to sleep, waking up her boyfriend, and saying, please take me to the hospital.”

Alex conceded that he and his family had no idea what caused her fast decline in health. In his words: “We still aren’t entirely sure [what happened]. There’s an autopsy being done, which we know might take quite a while. But we have heard [that] there was a viral infection in her lungs.”

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In addition, Alex admitted that his sister’s vehicle accident from over a decade ago might have had a role in her untimely demise. His thoughts wandered: “[The spleen is] involved in fighting off infections, which could have had something to do with what happened. Her spleen not being there just added to the reason why she perhaps couldn’t fight it off.”

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