Is Elite Season 6 Will Premiere In 2023? (Netflix Update)

Network Netflix has already said that Elite will be back for a sixth season. Elite season 5 may have only just come out, but Netflix has already said it will be back for more.

Viewers around the world have been hooked on Elite since the first season came out in 2018. This book, it tells the story of a prestigious school in Madrid called Las Encinas. There, money, murder, and chaos rule the lives of its students. When the fifth season of Elite came to an end, it was so shocking that fans want more.

Netflix has also announced that five new cast members will be joining Elite season 6. One of them is the show’s first trans person. Everything you need to know about Elite season 6, from the release date and cast to spoilers and news about what’s coming up after season 5.

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Elite season 6 Release Date

“Big news: Elite has been renewed for Season 6!” Netflix tweeted in October of that year. They then said: “This December, three new short stories will be out: The three of them will be there on December 15th. It was Dec. 20th. Samuel and Omar were there. Dec. 23: Patrick.” In the past few weeks, the short stories and season 5 have all been shown. Season 6 is still to come.

Is Elite season 6 coming out soon? No, no date has been set yet. Season 5 came out on April 7, so our best guess is that season 6 will come out in 2023. As a rule, Elite seasons come out once a year. It’s likely that we’ll get season 6 in the first half of next year, with some short Elite stories in between.

Elite season 6 Cast

Elite Season 6 Cast
Elite Season 6 Cast

Nobody from the Elite cast has said if season 5 will be their last. That said, it looks like Samuel, Omar, Claudia, and Georgina will all be moving on. Samuel is attacked by Benjamin at the end of season 6. He breaks Samuel’s head open. Samuel isn’t sure if he dies or not right now.

Samuel, Omar, Rebe, and Caye should leave Las Encinas at some point, no matter what. To finish their stories, we think they’ll show up in season 6. People we think will back include Ari, Mencia, Patrick, Pol Grinch, Valentina Zenere, and Iván.

New stars Carmen Arrufat Blasco, Ana Bokesa, Alex Pastrana, and Ander Puig were added to the cast of season 6 in January 2022. As of now, it’s not clear who they’ll play.

When Elite starts, Ander Puig will be the show’s first main cast member who is also trans.

Elite season 6 Plot

You don’t know much about the Elite season plot right now. It might begin in the wake of Benjamin going to prison and Samuel either surviving or dying in his attack. There will be more drama in season 6 if Samu and Omar and Rebe and Caye leave. We think that Patrick and Mencia will be at the center of the show, along with Ari and Isadora and Iván and Phillipe.

After they work through their problems (like Patrick having a crush on Iván’s dad), it’s not clear if Patrick and Iván will be able to date. In any case, the students of Las Encincas are likely to get into another big mystery.

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Elite season 6 Trailer

There isn’t a trailer for Elite season 6 right now, but we’ll let you know when there is one.

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