Is Fortnite Dying? Why Are Active Player Figures Declining?

Being an active Fortnite player, you sometimes might get a question that is Fortnite dying? This question has put many players in a dilemma. The debate has recently taken over social media and has been trending on Twitter. Before moving further to know if it is dying and its other factors, we will explore what Fortnite is.

What Is Fortnite?

Fortnite is an online video battle royale game that has taken over the internet and has been explored with popularity in the past few years. The game is dependent on a simple premise where 100 players are dropped off on the land classified into a solo or in squads of up to four members. The last squad or solo player who survived till the end by killing other players won the game. The map is filled with armor, weapons, and many other items. You can jump on any portion of the map as it is the huge circle before the game starts, safe for everyone to jump accordingly. After a few minutes of landing, the zone starts getting small, and one has to run to reach the safe zone to survive, else the health would be declining.

It has been one of the highlighting games, or you can say a fusion between Minecraft and The Walking Dead. To play this game, you have to register yourself by providing an email id or Facebook. This game is famous because it is available on a vast range of devices such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, Mac, and a few Android devices. The gameplay is straightforward but a lot competitive. It has been designed attractively with multiple weekly updates and challenges. However, the question of is Fortnite dying has brought a storm on the internet.

What Are The Risks Of Playing Fortnite?

  • The game requires a lot of screen time, and some children may find it difficult to stop playing it. Nonetheless, the game can be over in a few seconds, but the continuously winning players will not tend to leave the game.
  • The games need to be registered with Google or Facebook, but the primary concern is that many other players play this game. Therefore, many parents might worry and ask their children not to make friends with people they do not know online.
  • The players’ age-gender is anonymous, and gamers can connect with all the other players worldwide. Besides that, users can be exposed to offensive languages by other players on live chat options.
  • There are in-app purchase options available for all the players, which can be expensive. However, it is unnecessary to play the game, but some children may find it addictive to buy everything the game offers.

Is Fortnite Addictive For The Users?

The game’s vast popularity has around 45 million reported players, and as per the studies reports, the game is said to be addictive for children. This game can end anywhere between 1 minute to 30 minutes. The option to join another game is straight and simple; you can either leave the game or do it once you die. However, any game can be addictive depending on the frequency of your child playing this game. Bear in mind that you need to talk to your children and make them understand other essential factors.

Is Fortnite Dying?

There have been top searches asking, is Fortnite dying? As far as it was released, it earned so much popularity among the players and many users. The first and foremost streamer, Ninja, has threatened to leave this fame multiple types because of the server issues and his preference overplaying Valorant instead of Fortnite. One of the other players who have also said to quit at the game is Tfue. He was said to be the best Fortnite player globally, and recently he stated it as one of the worst games to play.

We cannot conclude if it’s dying because the game preferences of players change accordingly. Nonetheless, there are plenty of potential buyers who are still indulged in Fortnite. As of now, Fortnite is going okay. The only difference is that it has lost the space where 78 million users actively played this game.

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