Is Jack Griffo Gay: Relationship History Of Ex-Nickelodeon Star After Breakup With Paris Berelc

Jack Griffo whose official name is Jack Davis Griffo is a widely acclaimed actor in the american television and film industry. He shot to prominence when he starred on a renowned Nickelodeon series. During his time on the series he was widely appreciated by his fans around the globe.

In addition to this he also has a YouTube channel where he regularly posts music covers. However, since a few months some rumors are surrounding on his sexuality. In this article we will discuss everything we know about Is Jack Griffo Gay.

Is Jack Griffo Gay?

What do you do if certain people start calling you gay? It’s simple: just start dating someone of the opposite gender to you. The 20-year-old “Thundermans” star has also done this by dating a lovely girlfriend and denying the widespread gay gossip that has plagued his career. Let’s take a tour through the romantic history of this young superstar today.

Since Jack Griffo has a girlfriend, he is clearly not gay. A lot of people assumed Jack Griffo was gay because of the rumours that circulated about him. But now he’s thrown all those rumours out the window by publicly announcing that he has a girlfriend and not a male partner. Paris Berelc, a young and stunning actress, is his girlfriend.

Is Jack Griffo Gay
Is Jack Griffo Gay

The relationship between Paris and Jack was finally confirmed after months of rumours thanks to Paris’s welcoming note to Jack. In the beginning, Jack and Paris’ interaction on social media sparked the prospect of a romantic relationship between the two of them. In addition, the fact that Jack was present at the 18th birthday party of his girlfriend Paris made the rumours much more credible. However, the couple has broke up recently.

Jack Griffo And Paris Berelc Breakup

In October 2020, Paris Berelc shocked her fans by posting an Instagram snapshot of herself kissing her new boyfriend, Rhys Athayde. This appeared to confirm rumours that she and Jack Griffo were officially done. You can also read Stranger Things Actor Noah Schnapp Gay.

In January of 2021, months after the breakup, she finally spoke up about it. While responding to queries from fans at the time on Instagram Stories, the actress revealed,  “We broke up … I moved on … end of story … that’s all y’all need to know.”

Even Jack has found new love and settled down with Sylvia Van Hoeven. In September of 2021, the actor captioned an Instagram photo of him cuddling up with his partner, “Life is beautiful with you babe.”

The two started dating in 2017 and were the epitome of perfection as a couple. They were even in the Netflix show Alexa & Katie together.

“Me and him always said that Alexa and his character, Dylan, they’re like the 14 and 16-year-old version of us,” Paris said during an interview with Justice Magazine in March 2018. You can also look at Luke James Gay.

“It’s cool to go back into that headspace of, ‘I’m 14 and this is a new crush and I don’t have the adult thoughts that I have now’. But because I am so comfortable with him, we would be on set and they would be like, ‘Alright, you have to be not so comfortable with him’ … I had never done anything like that before and Jack made it really fun for me!”

When Paris posted a photo of herself kissing another man on Instagram in August 2019, it verified rumours that she and Jack had broken up for a short time. The two then ran into each other again at Paris’s 21st birthday celebration, months later.

They broke the news of their reconciliation in an Instagram post that has since been removed, and they stayed together for a few more months before calling it quits for good. Since their breakup, the two have said nothing publicly regarding the reasons behind their separation. You can also check Leslie Jordan Gay.

Relationship History Of The Former Nickelodeon Star

After breaking up with his long-term girlfriend Paris Berelc, Jack Griffo has moved on and started dating again. Late in 2016, the Nickelodeon star and the Alexa & Katie star began dating.

In an interview with Girls’ Life from February of 2018, he recalled, “Paris and I were friends for years before we started dating. We had chemistry, but were just always dating other people. Late in 2016, we were both single so I asked her out to lunch. By the end of the year, we were a full-on exclusive thing.”

During their time together, Jack talked about how much he loved Paris in many interviews.

“Paris is so cool, we love hanging out together. I’ve never been this excited about a relationship, it’s a lot of fun,” the actor said during a June 2017 interview. “I love having someone that is easygoing and caring. We’re both doing the same thing, I’m starting Thundermans this summer again, and she’s starting her new show.”

Jack has also moved on from his previous relationship and is currently seeing Sylvia van Hoeven. In August of 2021, they made an appearance on each other’s Instagram accounts. Jack and Sylvia both had recently returned from a vacation to Rome, and they were both eager to show off their pictures. They’ve been showing each other lots of love on social media ever since, with lots of cute posts and comments about how much they adore one other. You may also read Is Jaden Smith Gay.

“Happy day of birth to my bestest friend. I love you,” Jack posted in November 2021. Sylvia shared her own birthday tribute to The Thundermans star in December 2021, writing, “Happy birthday to my bestest friend! Hope today is as special as you are. I love you.”

The dating history of the star is as follows:-

Paris Berelc

They dated for two years, from late 2016 until 2020.

Mia Beyer

In the wake of his split from Paris, the actor posted extensively about his new girlfriend Mia on social media. All the photos have been removed from Instagram, and he has avoided answering any questions regarding what transpired between them.

Sylvia Van Hoeven

In August of 2021, the couple made their relationship official on Instagram. There is a lack of clarity about their current status because they have removed all of their Instagram posts simultaneously.

To sum up, it is clear that we have talked about is Jack Griffo gay. So according to his relationship history, it is clear that the former Nickelodeon star is not gay because he has dated female stars in the past and is currently dating Sylvia Van Hoeven. If you would like to know more content, please visit our website

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