Is Kit Connor In a Relationship With Joe Locke? All Updates

One of the best aspects of Netflix is that you never know when your next passion may pop up. After racing through Heartstopper’s eight episodes, fans of romantic coming-of-age stories will wonder how they ever survived without it.

The series premiered on Netflix on Friday, April 22nd, 2022, and was developed by Alice Oseman and based on her webcomic and graphic novel of the same name. It immersed viewers in the world of Nick and Charlie as they learn to comprehend their feelings for one another.

It’s a universal story of love, connection, and friendship that will touch powerfully with some audiences while also enticing them to peel back the curtain on the stars, particularly the leads.

So, do Kit Connor and Joe Locke have a real-life relationship?

I’m sorry to break it to you, Charlie and Nick shippers, but Joe Locke and Kit Connor do not look to be dating in real life. They’re merely buddies and co-stars. You’ll have to watch them as their characters in Heartstopper to see them together as a couple.

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No, neither Kit nor Joe has publicly stated that they are dating, and there is no reason to believe they are not.

The pair’s on-screen connection is likely what has piqued spectators’ interest in their real-life romance. Unfortunately, Netflix Life says that the skilled performers are only friends — despite their great talent for depicting love flames.

Beyond that, it’s unclear who Joe is seeing, though Pop Buzz reports that he’s good friends with Sebastian Croft, another of his Heartstopper co-stars (who plays Ben).

Kit Connor, on the other hand, maintains his personal life secret. Private. Despite the fact that both of their social media accounts indicate that they are single, fans are unlikely to stop shipping them anytime soon.

Is Kit Connor in a Relationship?
Is Kit Connor in a Relationship?

Who is Kit Connor?

Kit Sebastian Connor is a British actor who was born on March 8, 2004. Get Santa (2014), Rocketman (2019), and Little Joe are some of his flicks (2019). He starred in the Netflix series Heartstopper and had a recurrent role in the CBBC series Rocket’s Island (2014–2015). He also had a voice role in the BBC One and HBO series His Dark Materials (2022).

At the age of eight, Connor made minor roles in Sky One’s Chickens, the television film An Adventure in Space and Time, and the soap drama Casualty. He had recurring roles as Archie Beckles in the CBBC sitcom Rocket’s Island and as Tom Anderson in the holiday comedy Get Santa in 2014.

In the miniseries War & Peace and SS-GB, Connor played young Petya Rostov and Bob Sheehan, respectively. At Donmar Warehouse, he made his stage debut in Welcome Home, Captain Fox!

Who is Kit Connor dating?

Kit appears to be unattached. Kit, like his other co-star, appears to prefer to keep his personal life private. He’s never made his relationship status public, and no speculations about who he’s dated in the past have circulated. So, until he proves otherwise, we’ll have to assume he’s single.

Who is Joe Locke dating?

Joseph William Locke is a Manx actor who was born on September 24, 2003. He is most recognized for his performance in the Netflix series Heartstopper (2022–) as Charlie Spring. The status of Joe’s relationship is unknown. He appears to like to keep his private life secret.

You won’t discover any images of a lover or girlfriend on his Instagram feed if you scroll through it. However, there were speculations that he was dating Sebastian Croft, his Heartstopper co-star.

Fans noted that out of all the Heartstopper cast members, Joe and Sebastian had posted the most images with each other, according to CelebwikiCorner. People assumed they were dating because several of the images were intimate.

A photo of Joe and Sebastian embracing is one of the photographs that fans are buzzing about, as is another one of them wearing matching jackets. We’ll have to assume that Joe and Sebastian aren’t dating because neither has come out and stated their relationship status.

Heartstopper actors Joe Locke and  Kit Connor are just friends and co-stars. To see them together as a couple you’ll have to watch them as their characters in Heartstopper. For more information do follow our website

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