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A platform for internet commerce with Japanese roots is called Mercari. The business gained popularity quickly and quickly expanded into new countries. It is made up of more than only official retailers, just like other platforms of a similar nature (like eBay). Users with regular or individual accounts can also start selling. Having said that, it appears that Mercari servers are now experiencing an outage as both the app and the website appear to be down or not functioning.

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Is Mercari Down? Here’s The Actual Problem Behind It

Is Mercari Down? Here's The Actual Problem Behind It
Is Mercari Down? Here’s The Actual Problem Behind It

The e-commerce portal is currently inaccessible, according to numerous users. According to reports, they are experiencing a white screen or “error 404“. Thankfully, the Mercari team is already aware of the issue and is attempting to fix it. The services are not expected to return any time soon, though. You might also likeΒ Apple May Release The High-End iPhone Ultra In 2024.


As soon as the app went down, users took to Twitter posting continuously why the app is down and making sure that they are not the only ones facing this issue. Here’s a tweet from a verified Twitter user in which the dilemma can be seen.

Mercari.com and Mercari apps for iOS and Android are currently unavailable. Our teams are investigating and working to restore service as quickly as possible. Please stay tuned for updates here:

As things develop, we’ll be keeping an eye on the situation to update this report. This may sound crazy but People on Twitter are reacting hilariously after the app went down. You can check the tweet by one of the frustrated users below:


Is Mercari Down?

On app version. Noticed everything had zeroes on it but still had the heart counts only for some odd reason, so I cleaned my cache and then tried to log back in. Now I cannot get back into my account. It’s not sending emails or SMS for the code to get into my account.

Mercari App Not Working?

Is anybody else having trouble with their app? I’m on the most current version of IOS, and the most current version of the app. When I go to my notifications page I see who’s liked my stuff, try to tap into any listing to make offers… and basically get a whited-out screen.

Is Mercari Only In The US?

Mercari delivers to the US, including the District of Columbia and all 50 states. At this time, we are unable to ship to US territories or PO/APO/FPO addresses.

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