Is Josh McDaniel Related To Mike McDaniel?

McDaniels is the son of the legendary Ohio high school football coach Thom McDaniels (1997 USA Today High School Coach of the Year). McDaniels is thought to have been influenced to become a coach because he used to join in on his father’s workouts when he was young. Ben McDaniels, the current head coach for the Houston Texans, is Josh’s brother.

With Charlie Weis having left the Patriots after the 2004 season, the team did not have a permanent offensive coordinator for the 2005 season.

The New York Times confirmed in 2008 that McDaniels was the offensive play-caller for the 2005 season, despite rumors to the contrary from 2005. As the season concluded, McDaniels was promoted to offensive coordinator while keeping his position as quarterback coach.

Is Josh McDaniel Related To Mike McDaniel
Is Josh McDaniel Related To Mike McDaniel

What Is the Relationship Between Josh McDaniel and Mike McDaniel?

Josh McDaniels is unrelated to Patriots offensive coordinator and former Denver Broncos head coach Mike McDaniel. However, Mike McDaniel is the 49ers’ offensive coordinator and a former ball boy for the Broncos.

More specifically, Mike was born in Aurora, which is in the United States of America, and Josh, who is the son of Thom McDaniels, was raised in Barberton, which is also in the United States of America.

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