Is Putin Sick: Or Is That What We’re Supposed to Think?

People are worried about the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who led the invasion of Ukraine. Why do some people say Putin has cancer, and what have news outlets said about his health?

Invading Ukraine has converted Russia into a pariah state, resulting in a flood of sanctions and worldwide condemnation from the rest of the world.

So far, the invasion hasn’t been as successful as Putin had hoped. Experts and social media users are increasingly suggesting that the Russian president’s health is deteriorating.

It has been suggested that Putin, with his “puffy face,” maybe dangerously unwell, according to an article in The Daily Telegraph.

The Daily Star splashed with the title “Mad Vlad dying of cancer” on its front page. Vladimir Putin’s health has been questioned by the Sun.

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Who is spreading these stories, and have they been proven true? Here’s everything we know so far about the health of the Russian President.

Is It Possible That Vladimir Putin Is Suffering From Cancer?

A senior Royal Navy admiral claimed this week that Putin has cancer and that his illness sparked the invasion of Ukraine.

Rear Admiral Chris Parry, a former student, and Falklands veteran told students at Portsmouth Grammar School on March 4 that “he has been using these very long tables to interview people.”

“His immune system may be suppressed at the present, I believe. “So he’s a man on a mission.”

Parry continued, “What I think will happen is he will occupy Ukraine to the east of the Dnieper [river], he will totally occupy this region known as “New Russia” across the bottom of the country, cutting Ukraine off from the Black Sea, and he will leave that rump of the northwest, to the west of Kyiv, to its own devices as long as it stays neutral.”

Putin’s health status remains unknown, both domestically and internationally. It’s not clear why some believe Putin is ill.

is putin sick
is Putin sick

Vladimir Putin’s “puffy face,” as shown in recent images, is a side-effect of chemotherapy medications or steroids, according to an unnamed US intelligence source, according to the Daily Star newspaper.

After analyzing Putin’s medical history, a former military intelligence officer who is currently employed by the Pentagon told Reach that the analysts monitoring Putin feel he is in serious need of medical attention.

“In the past, we have seen him smile, but in 2022 there are few pictures of him looking happy,” the person said.

“His look suggests he is in pain and our people suggest his angry look is most likely a result of him being in agony.

“Our people are confident he is ill – he is concerned about Covid as he keeps his staff at a distance.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin appears ‘ashen and obese’ in official images issued by the Kremlin.

A strong man figure, Putin has established an image as the leader of Russia and has appeared in judo and horseback-riding photos.

Official photos of the Russian President meeting with St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov on March 1 raised new health concerns.

What Are the Opinions of the Experts?

Brookings’ senior scholar for foreign policy, Fiona Hill, was quoted by Politico as saying, “Putin’s not looking so great, he’s been rather puffy-faced.”

“We know that he has complained about having back issues. Even if it’s not something worse than that, it could be that he’s taking high doses of steroids, or there may be something else. There seems to be an urgency for this that may be also driven by personal factors.”

“He may have a sense that time is marching on- it’s 22 years, after all, and the likelihood after that kind of time of a Russian leader leaving voluntarily or through elections is pretty slim,” Hill, who served as the national intelligence officer for Russia and Eurasia at The National Intelligence Council, continued.

“Most leaders leave either like Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko thought that he might leave, as the result of massive protests, or they die in office.

“The only other person who has been Russian leader in modern times longer than Putin is Stalin, and Stalin died in office.”

Another prominent Republican politician, Marco Rubio, has warned that something is awry’ with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio is a key member of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s leadership team.

According to Senator Rubio, many people believe that something is amiss with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“He has always been a killer, but his problem now is different and significant.”

He then added that Putin “appears to have some neuro/physiological health issues.”

There Is No Response From the Kremlin or Vladimir Putin.

This is the first time that the Kremlin has commented on Vladimir Putin’s health since the dispute broke out.

Vladimir Putin’s Parkinson’s condition was earlier dismissed as a hoax by the Kremlin.

A former historian at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Professor Valery Solovei, reportedly stated in November 2020 that Putin was afflicted with both cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

As a result, he concluded that the President would have to put his health concerns on the back burner. Protesters in Moscow detained Professor Solovei after the Kremlin dismissed the accusations.

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