Island Boys Net Worth! The Rappers’ Net Worth Is Revealed, as Is Their Personal Life

The ‘Island Boys,’ who emerged via TikTok, were unlike any other contentious individuals to emerge from the app. Their internet takeover occurred in October 2021. After they filmed “freestyling” by a pond in a swimming pool with diamond teeth, unique hairdos, and countless tattoos, they became internet sensations.

In addition to their distinctive appearance, the rappers rap with the catchy refrain, “Cause I’m an island boy, and I’ve been trying to make it / Oh, I’m an island boy / Ayy, Imma just island boy, I’m just island boy,” quickly becoming an internet meme.

When and where did the twins, known as the “Island Boys” come from? They’ve already clashed with a number of high-profile celebrities in the entertainment world. The Island Boys’ cash assets, personal life, and future plans are all revealed below!

Island Boys Have a Combined Fortune of $500,000

Franky and Alex Venegas, twins from Florida, are the Island Boys. Both the rappers go by the rap names of Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja, respectively. The pair of twins come from a low-income family in West Palm Beach (Florida). The Venegas boys were left in the care of their mother when their father died when they were just six years old.

As children, the Venegas brothers lived in an unstable environment. The twins claimed to have run into the law at the age of 13 for burglaries and robberies and ended up in juvenile facilities. ‘9ine’ and ‘Smoke,’ two of their most popular tracks, were released in 2020 and helped kickstart their career. Their combined net worth is estimated at $500,000.

Island Boys Net Worth

Cultural Appropriation by the Island Boys

It’s only natural that the Island Boys have spawned a slew of critics because they’re so loud and raucous. A song like “Wicked Way” utilizes a lot of N-words, prompting fans to call them out for cultural appropriation, which the twin brothers proudly promote in interviews.

That being said, the Venegas brothers have been the target of a fair amount of skepticism throughout their short-lived existence. While singing “Island Boy,” at the LVI nightclub in Miami in October of last year, they were booed off the stage by the crowd.

SWAT Once Raided the Island Boy’s Rental Home

The twins have had another run-in with the law recently. It was in February 2022, when TMZ announced that a SWAT squad had obtained a search warrant for a murder suspect in fatal drive-by shooting of an 8-year-old girl. However, Andrew James Thomas, the main suspect, was at home during the raid and was detained.

As far as their clients were concerned, their longstanding pal wasn’t guilty of this awful conduct, the twins’ manager stated,  “just knew him as a quiet kid, and he would come and hang out and do his thing and go back to whatever he got going on but we had no clue about any of these allegations toward him.”

A Look at the Island Boys’ Online Presence

The “Island Boy” video, which was viewed by millions of people online, has been a big topic on social media for some time. Alex (Flyysoulja) has 1.1 million Instagram followers, while his brother, Franky (Kodiyakredd), holds a close second place with 1 million followers.

Over 5.7 million people follow and 118.3 million like their TikTok account @flyysouljah, while 3 million people follow and 42.1 million like their @kodiyakredd account.

According to an interview, Alex said, “When I was locked up I had a lot of people were trying to be rappers, so I’m like, f**k it, I’m gonna dive into the game. “The only thing that’s good for me is robbing, which is not good, or rapping.”

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Islands Versus Pauls

As a result of their social media presence, the Island Boys have come under fire from a number of prominent figures in the entertainment world, including Jake and Logan Paul. They walked out of Logan’s Impulsive podcast after an angry confrontation with one of the hosts, George Janko, who advised them on how to handle their finances.

“I don’t need financial advice when I probably make more money than you. Why don’t you go talk to somebody else about that?” one of the boys said before walking off the set, “You know I’m thuggin’, right?”

Island Boys Versus Bryce Hall

Bryce Hall, another TikTok star, got into it with the boys earlier this year and had his own fiery exchange. Following their furious outburst on the Impulsive show in December 2021, Bryce insulted the duo and they’ve been fighting ever since. Bryce, on the other hand, recently challenged them to a fight in the ring.

Final Lines

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