It Cost A Portland Resident $20K To Fix Their Walkway

Joni Wilson has seen that the sidewalks need fixing outside her Southeast Portland house. Tree roots have probably pushed up parts of the sidewalk, and there are also other evidence of wear and tear.

According to a letter Wilson got recently from the Portland Bureau of Transportation, which is in charge of sidewalk restoration, Wilson has only six months to get the sidewalks fixed. She was given the option of doing the work herself, hiring a contractor, or having the city do it for slightly over $20,000.

It Cost A Portland Resident $20K To Fix Their Walkway
It Cost A Portland Resident $20K To Fix Their Walkway

Wilson, however, has stated that she cannot possibly come up with this sum of money, which represents roughly half of her yearly income. As reported by KOIN 6 News, PBOT representatives assured the station that their agency does not systematically harass residential property owners.

They address customer concerns and suggest that homeowners who have received a repair notice contact the city for an inspection. The town provides loans if the work is done, and they can guide on what minimal work is required to meet regulations. If a homeowner refuses to fix the problem, the city will and they will put a lien on the residence.

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Homeowners In Southeast Portland Disagree On How To Aid The Homeless

One man’s efforts to aid the homeless around his Southeast Portland property have caused tensions with some of his neighbours. South of the intersection of SE 157th Avenue and Stark Street, some locals have complained that one resident’s actions have made their street unsafe to live on.

Homeowner Herbert Smiley has admitted that he provides electricity to some RV dwellers on his street utilizing extension cables and gas.

Smiley claims that he was put in touch with some of these individuals months ago by a mutual acquaintance who had no other means of support as the winter weather worsened.

The woman Smiley is assisting is experiencing “bitter, bitter cold,” and she ran out of propane the night before. I was free to stay here and couldn’t bear to think of her in that state. Homeowner Damien Bunting, who has lived on the block across from Smiley for about a year, finds the RVs, extension wires, and propane tanks frightening.

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