The Untold Truth About Itachi Uchiha from Naruto

Itachi Uchiha, the tragic older brother of Sasuke Uchiha in “Naruto,” has one of the most extreme arcs of any character in any series, going from villain to suffering antihero. All of Itachi’s clan members except Sasuke were slaughtered. Therefore, the latter has been preparing himself for a battle with his brother to take vengeance. Even though Itachi is cool and collected throughout their final showdown, he ends himself on the losing end. How and why did his younger brother kill him? Itachi may seem simple at first glance, but he actually has several layers.

Later, we find out that Itachi was motivated by concern for his town and younger brother. Many lives were lost by the shinobi and Anbu Captain, but few knew the real him. This is the untold narrative of one of the most fascinating and misunderstood characters in the “Naruto” story and the world of anime in general.


In Particular, Itachi had a Strong Connection to Crows

Itachi’s crow clones are awesome in every way. Although several other shinobi (such as Yamato’s wood clones) can create clones of animals or materials, Itachi’s crow clone method stands out. Throughout history, numerous civilizations have held crows highly regarded as symbols of wisdom and power. According to Japanese mythology, Susanoo and Amaterasu’s son, Emperor Jimmu, was a descendent of the crow (the names of two of the greatest ninja abilities in “Naruto”). There are even more crow ties while discussing Itachi.

To protect his last Sharingan, Shisui implanted it in a crow, who then pursued Itachi. When Itachi was imprisoned for using the banned summoning technique of Kabuto’s Reanimation, he remembered the crow and used it to get out. Itachi also attempted suicide by jumping off a cliff because he realized the pointlessness of living. He saw a crow and decided to keep living; he trusted the bird, which eventually led to his capacity to call upon other crows.

itachi uchiha
itachi uchiha

If Itachi had Tried, He Could have Defeated Sasuke

Ultimately, Sasuke prevails in his showdown with his older brother. Itachi certainly just engaged in battle with his sibling to free him from the curse placed upon them by Orochimaru and hand up the Amaterasu to him. Zetsu says that Itachi allowed his younger brother to win.

It is clear after the famous showdown that Itachi would never have killed his sibling. It is revealed that, in addition to avoiding a civil war in Konoha, one of the main reasons Itachi consented to wipe off his clan was so that he could insist that Danzo save his younger brother. Itachi told Sasuke all kinds of lies about how he did what he did to help his brother become famous. He did this because he knew the young boy would hate him for it.

The truth is that Sasuke wouldn’t have had a chance in a real fight against Itachi because Itachi was considerably more skilled with the Mangekyou Sharingan than he was.

Itachi Knew Naruto Was the Only One Who Could Save his Brother

Itachi’s unwavering trust in Naruto is one of the most intriguing aspects of his character. Itachi saw the value of having a friend among the shinobi through his friendship with Shisui. He realized that his brother’s only hope was the friend who had stuck by him through thick and thin. To this goal, Itachi attempted to “catch” Naruto, though his true motive was to observe and assess the ninja for himself.

Itachi later meets Naruto behind his back and offers him Shisui’s crow, which contains the mind-controlling Kotoamatsukami. Rather than Itachi using it on his reanimated form to overthrow Kabuto’s power, he wanted Naruto to use it on Sasuke and bring his brother back to the village. With that, he tells the young shinobi that he must believe in himself, his friends, and his allies.

Itachi Was Always Alone

Itachi preferred it that way; he never made many friends. He didn’t spend his formative years playing with classmates, like most kids his age, but rather practicing. Although he was able to make friends with some of his classmates, and they began to see themselves as part of his crew, this was a one-way path from the start. Except for Shisui Uchiha, he never made any other friends.

Like his younger sibling Sasuke, Itachi had little need for companions and spent much time training. Sasuke liked Naruto because he was stubborn, not because he wanted someone to care about him. And eventually, this friendship was how Sasuke achieved redemption, and the two became very close, almost brothers. Unfortunately, Itachi was never able to form close relationships with other people. This isolation only adds to the tragedy of Itachi Uchiha, one of the greatest heroes of Konoha history and a truly unforgettable figure.

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