it’s time to say that aggression on the Chinese border and business do not go hand in hand | India should adopt this strategy to deal with China’s intelligence

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Moscow on Thursday. The city was hosting a high-level meeting. A joint statement was issued after the meeting, but nothing has changed on the ground. The foreign ministers of India and China met. The two spoke for 150 minutes. The meeting lasted a long time but China showed no support for improving its terms. He still has not given a deadline to reduce the tension at the border and withdraw the army. The meeting between the foreign ministers of India and China took place on the occasion of the SCO Foreign Ministers’ Conference.

Agree on 5 points
The SCO is an economic and security agreement created by the Shanghai Corporation Organization, China. Dr S. Jaishankar attended this conference from India, while Foreign Minister Wang Yi represented China. After the meeting, the two issued a joint statement. The two parties talked about the preparation of an action plan to reduce tensions at the border and agreed on these 5 points:

India and China will follow the consensus established between Prime Minister Modi and President Xi Jinping and will not allow differences to take the form of a dispute.
– India and China will continue the dialogue between them, withdraw the army at the border as soon as possible, maintain an appropriate distance and reduce tensions.
-The two countries will follow existing agreements and maintain peace on the border.
– Dialogue between special representatives will continue at the border. In this case, Ajit Doval will be from India and the representative of China will be Foreign Minister Wang Yi.
– And the last point is the agreement to work to establish new standards of trust.

Now remember the good and the old CBM, that is, the confidence building majors. How many times have these words been heard in reference to Pakistan?

It is diplomacy that the conversation ended on the point that we will continue the discussions. This is the essence of this conversation. This statement does not answer basic questions.

China’s commitment is unclear
Has China agreed to withdraw completely from the CLA? When will China withdraw its troops from the border? Will Beijing settle border disputes forever? These statements are not answered in the statement, and China’s commitment is unclear. Neither framework nor deadline, that leads to another question.

Is China also agreeing to pull out on LAC?
Does China also agree to pull out on LAC? The Chinese Foreign Ministry released a document on this issue. It is believed that it is written that India does not want relations between the two countries to deteriorate due to the border dispute. We have these exact lines: “The Indian side does not see relations as dependent on the settlement of the border issue”. It appears from these lines that either India’s message has been lost in translation or China is deliberately distorting it.

Where does China come from? Apparently, to Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar, the official Chinese news agency Xinhua wrote to S. Jaishankar: “Foreign Minister says India does not consider the development of relations with China to be dependent the settlement of the border issue. is’.

Meanwhile, the Global Times has shown that the border standoff has narrowed. The editor of the Global Times posted a video. In the video, drones deliver hot food to troops along the Chinese border. Please say here that China does not like the world to call its army a spoiled child. We only hope that the Chinese soldiers will not be given bat soup to drink.

Speaking of India, India is working on a very advanced strategy. The challenge cannot be taken lightly. This Chinese border snow bath has likely become a major military challenge for India after decades. The violent clashes in Galvan and the events of this week have proven that India cannot do business with China as always.

Military threat
Once the border dispute is resolved, it should be forever. If that does not happen, there will always be a threat of military retaliation from the Chinese side. India must make its market a weapon. It won’t be easy. It will not happen overnight. India will have to stand on its own ground.

India should make the military crowd retreat discussion a precondition. Otherwise, as usual, such relations cannot be maintained and non-commercial. We did it with Pakistan. Conversation and terror cannot go hand in hand. The time has come for the same to be repeated with China, snow and trade cannot go hand in hand at the border.

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