Jackass 4.5 Will Release in May on Netflix

Since It has been revealed that Jackass 4.5 will only be available on Netflix, the Jackass crew has decided to maintain its long-standing custom of recording so many stunts to make two full movies.

Jackass Forever premiered in theatres in early February and was released on Paramount’s streaming service on March 25. The film earned slightly over $80 million at the box office against a small budget of about $10 million, as is customary for the Jackass franchise.

Release Date for Jackass 4.5

While the film was distributed by Paramount Pictures, the cast has revealed an agreement was negotiated to allow Jackass 4.5 to remain on Netflix until the company reclaims all its archives in 2024. Netflix will begin streaming Jackass 4.5 on May 20, 2022.

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This time around, there’ll be plenty of behind-the-scenes videos and interviews with the entire Jackass Forever ensemble.

On May 20, Netflix provided a teaser of what fans may anticipate finding in the movie. This is the kind of entertainment that Jackass fans will like, as it depicts the majority of the gang at a playground reenacting their own horrific version of hitting the targets with funny outfits.

In addition to the rest of the cast, director Jeff Tremaine has confirmed that actor and comedian Eric André would appear in jackass 4.5.

Jackass 4.5
Jackass 4.5

However, it’s not clear if the film features any additional footage of Bam Margera, the disgraced cast member. Margera sued Tremaine, Paramount Pictures, and longtime friend Johnny Knoxville after a dispute with the film’s production crew.

While Margera’s attorneys have publicly dismissed the case, it has not been proven that this was due to some form of settlement being agreed upon by the parties concerned, as none of them have spoken on the topic.

The story of Margera’s dismissal from Jackass Forever dates back to last year when he was removed from the movie for allegedly violating a wellness agreement he signed to star in the film.

After becoming a cultural phenomenon in the early 2000s, a video game adaptation of Jackass is just another reminder of how powerful the franchise’s influence was on an entire generation. There are plenty of reasons to see Jackass 4.5, even if Jackass Forever is their actual finale.

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