James Caan Receives Moving Tribute From Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan wrote a moving tribute to the late actor James Caan and put it on his website.

Brosnan posted several pictures from the set of “Fast Charlie,” which will be Caan’s last movie role. The movie will come out next year. 

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Pierce Brosnan Pays Tribute to James Caan

“On the set of the movie “Fast Charlie” with the great man, James Caan. Farewell Jimmy. We had many laughs together over those five days in New Orleans,” Brosnan wrote. “You were an inspiration to me as a young actor starting out and an even greater one as a man watching you work each day against great physical pain and discomfort.

James Caan Receives Moving Tribute From Pierce Brosnan
James Caan Receives Moving Tribute From Pierce Brosnan

“You gave of yourself to the art of acting and performance to the very end. My heart has a deep sorrow this day for your passing. I shall cherish the memory of you always. My heartfelt condolences to your family. May you Rest In Peace forever in the light.”

The veteran actor who was known for movies like “The Godfather,” “Misery,” and “Elf” died last week at age 82. The reason for his death was not known.

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