Jami Gertz Net Worth: How Did She Achieve Billionaire Status?

Jami Gertz, an American actress, grew up in Illinois. The American businessman owns a professional sports team and has built a successful career in show business. The Atlanta Hawks are a team in which Jami and her husband, Anthony Ressler, have a financial interest. The pair also holds a minor stake in the MLB’s Milwaukee Brewers.

A few of Gertz’s most well-known roles include the 1970s films “Crossroads,” “Less Than Zero,” “The Lost Boys,” and “Quicksilver,” the 1980s TV series “Square Pegs,” and the 1996 picture “Twister.” She also gained fame for her portrayals of Judy Miller on CBS’s “Still Standing” and Debbie Weaver on ABC’s “The Neighbors.”

Actress and successful businesswoman Jami Gertz is a household name. Here is a rundown of her predicted wealth in the year 2023.

What is Jami Gertz’s Net Worth?

With a net worth of $3 billion in 2023, actress Jami Gertz ranks among the world’s wealthiest women. Actress, businesswoman, and philanthropist who shot to stardom in the ’80s thanks to film roles, Gertz is now a household name. She and her spouse made a fortune by investing in a basketball team. Because of her enormous wealth, she is at the very top.

Jami Gertz

How Did Jami Gertz Achieve Billionaire Status?

Jami Gertz has come a long way to become a billionaire, and she is probably best known for her roles in the films Less Than Zero and The Lost Boys. Despite her successful acting career, Jami Gertz’s marriage to Los Angeles billionaire Tony Ressler was the primary source of her wealth.

Mr. Ressler co-founded Ares Management, which oversees assets worth roughly $136 billion. The Milwaukee Brewers and the Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association are two companies in which Ressler and Gertz hold stock. However, Gertz did not marry Ressler for his wealth, as Ressler was merely a young, successful investor.

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A Look At Jami Gertz’s Businesses and Investments

Outside of performing, Gertz has built a successful business career through investments in several companies. Jami runs the consulting firm JG&A, LLC, which she established to help new businesses.

She had previously co-founded the successful accessory company Henry Rose, which also produces high-end home goods and medical necessities, among other things. Women@Work Ventures and Zinc Health, where she advises on women’s health initiatives, are just two of the many notable internet companies where she participates on the advisory boards.

What is the Real Estate of Jami Gertz?

Jami and Tony have two homes in Los Angeles, one in Malibu and one in Beverly Hills. Located in the most exclusive gated community on the Hill, this Beverly Hills mansion has unobstructed vistas in every direction.

The neighborhood included Denzel Washington, Sylvester Stallone, Eddie Murphy, and Mark Wahlberg. The price tag is estimated to be around $60 million. Their Malibu home on Broad Beach is in a highly desirable area of town.

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