Jamie Dornan Lied about Modelling Job! Shocking Facts Revealed

During a new profile in GQ magazine, Jamie Dornan revealed his early career as a male model. It did not appeal to me. And I am still not happy with having my picture taken. It is crazy to me, and it comes to me as a strange event. I spent around six years as a model while Dornan revealed his modelling career. It’s not fun to be told to move your head around like it’s on a swivel all the time. ‘Chin up, chin down, chin up, chin down, chin up, chin down, chin up” Dornan went on to claim that he was grateful he never had to do a fashion show because he “could not take other male models, that hyper energy,” which he also defined as “douche-y as fuck.”

He criticized the modelling profession as “too much rubbish.” Whenever I went on a date or met a female in a pub or anything, I would pretend to be a landscape gardener or work for Google – anything but admit to having my photo shoot for a livelihood. The 39-year-old admitted, though, that his experience as a model helped him become “comfortable, or uncomfortable” in front of the camera.

How was the Modelling Career of Jamie Dornan?

During his modelling career, Dornan modelled for Abercrombie & Fitch, Dior Homme, and later Calvin Klein with Kate Moss and Eva Mendes. The New York Times branded him “The Golden Torso” in 2006, and GQ Magazine dubbed him “the male Kate Moss.” Dornan will star in British filmmaker Kenneth Branagh’s next film, “Belfast,” later this year. Insider called Dornan’s performance “uniquely physical and emotional” and “destined for Oscar glory” in an early indication of the movie.

“My father was distraught, like, ‘What’s your plan going to be?’ while asking, and it was just one of those strange things at the time, but my entire family was trying to figure out what Jamie could do. next.” The Irish actor said that one of his sisters came across information about an open audition for an upcoming reality TV program called Model behaviour. The winner of the two-season British show, which aired between 2001 and 2002, was given a one-year contract with a modelling agency. “It was almost like pre-reality television.” We were not even told about it. “We had no idea what it was,” he explained. “‘You should go,’ my sister says. ”What is it?’ I asked. ‘To be a model,’ she says. ‘Why would I want to be a model?’ I wondered. I can tell you that no child in my hometown aspires to be a model. So I said, ‘No, I am not going to do that.’

Jamie Dornan Lied about Modelling Job

Was Jamie Dornan not Happy to be a Model?

Dornan eventually decided to compete after encouraging one of his male friends to join him. The actor admits that he “did not do that well on the show,” but his involvement inspired him to London. Although he “hated” modelling, the Robin Hood star saw it as “a bit of a necessary step” into acting. In 2018, the Marie-Antoinette actor disclosed his past as a model for the first time.

He discussed why he never tried his hand at modelling on the runway while appearing on The Late Show with James Corden. There were a few causes behind this. “A didn’t want to do it,” he admitted at the time. “It didn’t attract my interest at all.” It appeared to be a significant amount of time and effort. But, above all, I did go to Fashion Week in Milan once and stayed at Hotel Lucky, which was a horrific hotel. There are also plenty of other male models. It was a terrible picture. I went for some castings, but I have a regrettable, really bouncy step.” “It seems as if you have no idea what’s right until you read it and realize, ‘Oh, this is it.'” In April 2020, he told Variety, “This is what I want to pursue next.” “I believe I have a deeper understanding of what isn’t good for me. And one of the objectives of my employment is to stretch oneself while maintaining the highest level of alteration.”

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