Janice Dyson Net Worth: How Rich is John McAfee’s Wife?

John McAfee was a British-American computer programmer and entrepreneur; his wife was Janice Dyson. John McAfee, her husband, was recently discovered dead in his Spanish prison cell on June 23, 2021, and it is believed that he may have committed suicide there. He had a 30-year prison sentence hanging over his head for taxes-related crimes.

At the time, a judge ordered McAfee’s detention in jail pending the outcome of an extradition hearing. McAfee was detained in October 2020 as he attempted to board a flight from Barcelona to Istanbul. After the country’s national court had approved his extradition to the United States, he was taken into custody.

On Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021, the Mossos d’Esquadra police force confirmed a report in El Pas that McAfee had been found dead in the Brians 2 prison close to Barcelona. According to the report, John McAfee, a 75-year-old man, was pronounced dead despite the efforts of prison staff and medical personnel. Everything indicates suicide, it said, and the court had already been called to the prison to investigate the death.

Janice Dyson’s Net Worth

John McAfee hired Janice Dyson, a prostitute in South Beach, for a day and a night in 2012. Following her deportation from Guatemala in December 2012, she made her way to the United States. Soon after, in 2013, Janice and John tied the knot. She told ABC News that he helped her get back in touch with her son after she had been a victim of sex trafficking. During an interview in 2020, Janice reflected on the experience, saying, “I don’t know how to say it, magical – ’cause he saw the hurt that was there” and “thought I was worthy enough of a second chance.”

janice mcafee net worth
janice mcafee net worth

In one tweet from June 10, 2021, McAfee wrote, “There is much sorrow in prison, disguised as hostility. The sorrow is visible even in the angriest faces. I’m old and content with food and a bed but for the young prison is a horror – a reflection of the minds of those who conceived them.”

On June 16, 2021, he tweeted, “The US believes I have hidden crypto. I wish I did, but it has dissolved through the many hands of Team McAfee (your belief is not required), and my remaining assets are all seized. My friends evaporated through fear of association. I have nothing. Yet, I regret nothing.”

She made the following statement about John McAfee’s arrest in October 2020, 37 years after his capture: “Hello everybody. | would like to state that both mine and John’s accounts are staffed by interns, and they were not privy to what happened with John yesterday. Unfortunately, what has been reported is true, John has been detained in Spain. | cannot comment on any details of the situation, but | can tell you that | have been in contact with him through the team of lawyers that has been working tirelessly on his behalf. He is in good spirits and wanted me to thank you all for your support during this entire ordeal. Since we left the United States, it has meant the world to both of us knowing that there are still believers in freedom all over the world.”

Janice Dyson’s estimated Net Worth is around $1 Million USD.

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