Jayland Walker Was Handcuffed When His Body Arrived at the Medical Examiner’s Office

According to news agencies, when the body of Jayland Walker, a Black man shot dead by police in Akron, Ohio, arrived at the coroner’s office, it was still in handcuffs.

According to news agencies’ review of the medical examiner’s report, it contains photographs of Walker’s body in handcuffs at various stages of the investigation, including at the coroner’s office.

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Jayland Walker’s Body Was Handcuffed

They said that he was restrained with his hands behind his back. This week, a lawyer for Walker’s family told the Associated Press that police officers cuffed their client before administering medical aid.

On June 27, police allegedly initiated a traffic stop on Walker and pursued him in their vehicle as he attempted to flee.

Jayland Walker Handcuffed When Body Arrived Medical Examiner Office
Jayland Walker Handcuffed When Body Arrived Medical Examiner Office

During the pursuit, the police initially reported that they had reason to believe that Walker fired a gun from within his vehicle; however, it was later determined that Walker was unarmed.

At one point, Walker reportedly exited the vehicle and ran, prompting police to try and tase him, but to no avail.

Officers then fired dozens of shots at him, hitting him at least 60 times.

Photographs included in the medical examiner’s report showed that Walker had wounds all over his body, starting at his ankle and going all the way up to his cheek on both sides of his body.

The murder is being looked into by the BCI of Ohio. According to news agencies, the coroner was notified, and Walker’s body was taken in for examination.

There were demonstrations in Akron and other cities after Walker’s death.

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