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Jen Hatmaker Divorce: Why Did She Divorce Her Husband?

Jen Hatmaker Divorce

Jen Hatmaker Divorce

Jen Hatmaker Divorce: Jennifer Lynn Hatmaker was born in the United States in 1974, and since then she has worked as a writer, lecturer, blogger, and TV personality. She’s a regular on TV, and she conducts presentations. An article about her appeared in Christians Today.

She and her ex-husband, Brandon, host a home improvement show on HGTV, and their five children regularly watch it. For the Love, her lone New York Times bestseller is currently available. Jen Hatmaker is a published author whose works have been done well.

Brandon Hatmaker: Born on July 25, 1972, in Colorado, Brandon Hatmaker is a pastor and novelist. At this time, Brandon Hatmaker has reached the ripe old age of 50. As the son of a minister, he and his siblings raised their family in Colorado.

Formerly married to novelist Jen Hatmaker. Having tied the knot in 1993, the couple has now expanded their family to include five children. They founded the Austin New Church and the Legacy Collective in Texas’s capital city to aid those in need of low-cost housing, protection from human trafficking, and medical attention.

Jen Hatmaker get divorced in 2020

Jen Hatmaker Divorce

Despite the passage of considerable time since Jen and Brandon announced their divorce, neither has provided an official explanation for the breakup. At the time of the initial incident, Jen posted to Instagram to update her followers on the “unexpected issue” she and her family were facing.

In the following update to her account, she explained what it all meant. “We are in a moment with no handbook and without any idea of how to negotiate this privately, much less publicly,” she wrote. “I haven’t been able to hide my sadness from you, and I appreciate your kindness and patience over the past few weeks. There are no words for this, and I can hardly believe I am actually saying them, but Brandon and I have decided to end our marriage.”

When fans learned that Jen and Brandon had broken up, many assumed that Brandon had cheated on Jen. It has never been established whether or whether the divorce was the result of infidelity rumors.

According to Jen’s subsequent post: “Even though we know all the circumstances, I was nonetheless taken aback and am still shocked right now. I feel utterly bewildered, devastated, and heartbroken. Our pain is not a snack for the masses. We’re real people dealing with this in the here and now, and we’re giving it everything we’ve got.”

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Did Brandon Hatmaker cheat on Jen Hatmaker?

After a marriage has ended, it’s common for one partner to face accusations of infidelity from the other. After Jen revealed that she and Brandon Hatmaker were divorcing, rumors began spreading that Brandon Hatmaker was having an affair.

However, Brandon has remained silent on the subject of their separation. Jen’s lengthy Instagram post to her followers was the only public announcement. Jen took to Instagram to reveal the breakup. Jen said she is “shocked, grief-stricken, and broken-hearted” in the lengthy caption.

She asked her followers to keep the divorcing couple in their prayers but did not explain why or how it happened. She also pleaded with the “interloper who revels in the anguish of another” not to be “cruel” to them.

What Happened With Jen Hatmaker?

Jennifer Hatmaker’s husband is Brandon. They tied the knot in 1993 and have since welcomed five little ones. In addition to establishing Legacy Collective, a community foundation working to address issues such as affordable housing, child trafficking prevention, and health care access, they also established the Austin New Church in Texas.

After numerous happy years together, the pair decided to divorce in August of 2020. Jen had posted a heartfelt message praising her marriage to Brandon and their time together just 10 weeks prior to the divorce announcement.

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