Jennifer Lopez Divorce: The Couple Has Started To Have Problems With The Actor’s Moodiness

Jennifer Lopez Divorce: A lot of people have been talking about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding. Their honeymoon in Paris and a huge party in Georgia were the talks of the town, but as the dust settled, their fairytale romance may not be looking so blissful.

Heatworld reports that a source close to the couple says the actor’s moodiness is producing tension in the relationship, making J. Lo feels insecure and worries that Affleck is becoming tired of her.

Jennifer Lopez Divorce

As expected, the romance seemed to have fizzled out as the couple returned to their regular schedule and rumours regarding Jennifer Lopez divorce are spreading.

jennifer lopez divorce
jennifer lopez divorce

An insider said, “Now all the excitement of weddings and honeymoons is gone, Jen is terrified that Ben will get bored of married life very quickly.”

“She feels immense pressure to make this marriage successful and is doing everything she can to keep Ben happy and busy. She doesn’t want a divorce.”

According to reports, Lopez is actively seeking out new activities to do with Ben, such as filming a sequel to “Gigi,” so that they can stay busy and avoid losing the spark.

Although her advisors are warning her against it, Jen is convinced that this will prevent Ben from growing bored with their relationship.

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