Jeremy Clarkson Reveals France’s Reaction to His Multiple Driving Offences

Jeremy Clarkson opens up about France’s reaction to his multiple driving infractions. In the past few days, there are a lot of things coming out. This time, Jeremy acknowledged all that recent news. He stated he has been able to get out of driving carelessly in France because “they do not care” after being stopped many times during the promotion for the forthcoming program when the presenters have fielded questions from the press.

“When they can not even be bothered to help you, the French shrug is something I admire a lot,” Jeremy stated. “I have been stopped by the French police a couple of times, and you plead and beg, and they simply shrug.” They are unconcerned. As a result, I have always liked France. It is one of my favorite spots in the world.”

Jeremy acknowledges that he has spent much more time traveling in France than almost any other country, citing its food and wine as well as its “wonderful sites” as reasons. He would even go so far as to claim it’s one of his favorite travel destinations. Overall, he liked the places there.

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He added, “I have spent more vacations there than anywhere else.” And it’s all perfect, from the south and south-west to the Dordogne, which I recently visited, to Brittany.


“Paris is strange, but there are so many incredibly great sites throughout the country as well.” French wine, French cuisine, and the French way of life are all things I adore. He said, “I genuinely enjoy their bravado.”

Planning Approval for Restaurant

Jeremy’s aspirations to expand Diddly Squat Farm have recently gotten him in trouble. His Chadlington neighbors reportedly launched a legal battle against him after he applied for planning approval to convert an unused lambing shed into a restaurant with seating for 60 people.

There is really nothing to come and look at,” said Mr. Dewar, the man behind the fight. There will be many more cars coming here if there is a restaurant and a bar with an alcohol license till 11 p.m. It seems like he has to present some facts, in order to get approval against the complaint launched.

The major reason behind this, is the reasons stated against the request are somewhat genuine, so there are chances that it would be considered. Hence, it needs to be taken care of. Keep following us for more recent stories.

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