Who Is Jessica Simpson Massive Movie Star Secretly Date?

On Wednesday, Jessica Simpson released a blind Amazon Original Story titled Movie Star: They Always Say They’re Single. In the short story, Simpson briefly describes her time as the “other lady” with her childhood/teenage crush, a “huge movie star.”

According to Simpson, the aforementioned actor lied about being unmarried so Getty Images could snitch on him. There was “no way in hell” she was going to be “the other lady,” she penned. The guy tried to appease Simpson by saying he and his girlfriend were “totally finished.”

eventually left the star because she felt objectified and devalued by him; she later said, “I don’t care if he was my childhood fantasy come to life, this was not a choice that same girl, my younger self, would be proud of.”

Jessica Simpson Massive Movie Star Secretly Date
Jessica Simpson Massive Movie Star Secretly Date

How wonderful for her! Who, though, is this mysterious celestial figure? When will he tell his cheated-on girlfriend? Ok, let’s try to work things out in the dark. The hints can be found below:

➽ The Simpson was an adolescent when the man became renowned.
➽ Simpson she and the movie star first crossed paths at J.Lo’s VMAs afterparty in 2001. They had taken a break from hanging out with Nick Lachey, but not before he started “undressing with his eyes.”
➽ AfterThe final straw in the relationship between the Newlyweds stars came in 2006 when Simpson made out with an anonymous Hollywood figure at the Beverly Hills Hotel as he was getting ready for an awards event.

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Jessica Simpson Reveals Massive Movie Star Seduction: I Never Thought I’d Share It!

The Amazon Original Story is about a famous actor who sought the singer/clothier even though he was taken. Jessica Simpson’s love life was the subject of innumerable tabloid and newspaper headlines and magazine covers when she was a young singer and reality star, but there was one thing she never revealed.

What happened when “a major movie star” started pursuing her and trying to seduce her? Movie Star, her latest Amazon Original Story, will be released on Wednesday, and it reveals everything (except the star’s name). This is a tale of luxury jets, inflated egos, and white lies spoken late into the night at the Chateau.

When asked, “They invariably say they’re single,” she writes. But ultimately, it’s a tale of coming to terms with one’s own identity. When I first wrote this, I swore I would never tell anyone about this experience because it is so close to my heart. PEOPLE hear this from Simpson. She claims that recalling her meteoric rise to stardom while writing this piece.

She describes the time as “extremely weird.” “Don’t misunderstand me; I had plenty of enjoyable experiences! For someone like me, who thrives on meaningful relationships with others, this experience often seemed isolated.”

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