Jidion Real Name: How Much Money Earn Jidions 2022?

Jidion Real Name: When 2022 rolls around, JiDion will be 21 years old. When he entered the world on December 12, 2000, it was a happy occasion. In the United States, he was born into a strong Christian family in the Houston area. He is a devout Christian and a proud citizen of the United States. In this article, we were talk about Jidion Real Name.

Previously, he attended high school in Houston, Texas, USA, where he ultimately earned his diploma. He eventually attended university in Houston, Texas, and graduated. His involvement in sports and other extracurricular activities has always been passionate. He got his start in the Internet entertainment industry at a young age because he always wanted to be famous. Let’s dig deep into Jidion Real Name.

Jidion Real Name

Jidion Real Name
Jidion Real Name

So, what is Jidion Real Name? Adams is Jidon real name. Gideon, a YouTuber from the United States, has been posting under his own name and generating a lot of views with his hilarious vlogs and prank videos since 2018. He has just created a YouTube account and has started posting amusing videos there. Especially in his efforts to team up with other famous artists like Baylen Levine, he had great success.

JiDion Net Worth 2022

JiDion’s wealth will have increased to a cool $1,000,000. Known by his stage name JiDion, JiDion Adams is a popular American YouTuber, singer, and social media star. His channel’s popularity is due in large part to the amusing vlogs and pranks he posts there.

In addition, Baylen Levine has worked with a lot of famous YouTubers, as seen by his frequent appearances in his videos.

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Early life

On December 12, 2000, JiDion was born to parents who are both American citizens. His full name is Jidion Adams, and he was born a Sagittarius. He attended one of Houston, Texas’s top private secondary schools. It’s unclear whether he ever completed his education or not.

Despite his challenging upbringing, he is committed to acquiring American citizenship. But he hasn’t shared anything about his family tree online. He has never been married and is not involved with anybody at the present time. In the previous five years, though, he may have dated other women.

Social Media Presence

He has over 4.690k Twitter followers (@Jidion6), around 1.9m Instagram followers (@jidion_), and over 5.75m YouTube subscribers. Up to this point, more than 448,448,921 people have seen his video from July 2 of this year (July 11). YouTuber JiDion is a person.

JiDion’s viral videos, in which he often engages in outrageous behavior in public, have earned him over six million subscribers on YouTube.

At the 2022 US Open, after getting a haircut and sitting courtside to watch Nick Kyrgios’ match against Karen Khachanov, security ejected him.
It has been claimed that Novak Djokovic has been banned from ever playing at Wimbledon again after he was seen on video gesturing during his quarterfinal encounter against Jannik Sinner.


While still in high school, JiDion began uploading videos on YouTube. Although he started his channel in July 2018, he didn’t post his first video until February of 2019. At first, he would only upload fresh videos once every several weeks. However, he has started posting new films on a weekly basis.

His odd behavior in public, including practical pranks, is a common theme in his films. The viral video he made, titled “Asking Total Strangers to Marry Me,” demonstrated his talent for romantic outreach. He had amassed almost half a million followers by the end of 2020, and a full million by August of the following year.

The channel’s most-watched videos are “Funniest pranks of 2020,” “Taking a bath during online college classes,” and “Pushing with Pokimane.”

On April 13, 2020, he launched a second YouTube channel under the username “JiDionPremium” to feature his Twitch highlight and react videos. On his channel, “JiDion Shorts,” which he launched on YouTube on July 14, 2021, he posts comedic skits.

Jidion Height

At 5 feet 11 inches, he is well-proportioned (or 180 cm). Her current weight of 78 kg (172 lb) is perfect for her height and build. He has a standard, unremarkable look. The specifics of Jidion’s physical stature are still unclear. Dion has done a number of interviews and made appearances in the media.

Some examples include the Huffington Post, the Elite Daily, and the BroBible. The Joe Rogan Experience and the Duncan Trussell Family Hour are just two of the podcasts he’s been on. Dion has managed to keep his career going without losing his humility or his humor. His devoted audience helped him get where he is now.

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She died on January 12, 2022, the day Pokimane revealed his partnership with Twitch since he kept typing “L + ratio” into her chat. He further blasted the simps, saying, “she’s being dicked down,” suggesting that Poki and Kevin, who often appears on her feeds, are connected in some way.

On January 13, JiDion received a 14-day suspension from Twitch; the next day, Poki criticized Twitch for allowing JiDion to be confirmed, and explained why she was using the “hard-R” that JiDion had discovered: she wanted to show her support for Black Lives Matter. Following Poki’s request, Twitch made JiDion’s ban on the platform permanent.

A number of online artists, especially those from the W community (a group mostly comprised of people of African American origin, such as IShowSpeed), spoke out against this, arguing that the problem went deeper than merely pitting black creators against white creators.

Zach’s YouTubers include “The Saint” and “Turkey,” for instance. Tom has come up with the assertion that women are held to a different standard than males when it comes to breaking the rules on Twitch, which is why Poki is able to get away with controversy with relative ease.

Many have also pointed out that although JiDion’s permanent ban is unfair for his raid, the two-day suspension she and Disguised Toast received for a DMCA strike is reasonable since it was a real offense.

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