Who is Jim Jefferies Wife? How Did They Meet and Get Married?

Jim Jefferies is a famous comedian, actor, and writer who holds dual Australian and American citizenship. He is best known for his stand-up comedy specials, his sitcom Legit, and his late-night show The Jim Jefferies Show. But who is the woman behind this successful and hilarious man? In this article, we will explore the life and career of Jim Jefferies’ wife, Tasie Lawrence.

Who is Jim Jefferies’ Wife, Tasie Lawrence?

Tasie Lawrence, whose full name is Anastasia Katya Breezy Dhanraj, was born in Brighton, England, in 1990. She is of English and Indian origin and has a younger sister named Tasha.

Lawrence started her career as a singer and songwriter. She was signed by Island Records and was part of a rock band called WoosWoos. The band released a few singles and an EP before disbanding in 2011.

Lawrence then pursued acting and landed her breakthrough role as Mara Jaffray in the Nickelodeon mystery series House of Anubis. She appeared in all three seasons of the show from 2011 to 2013. She also starred in the spin-off movie House of Anubis: Touchstone of Ra.

After House of Anubis, Lawrence continued to act in various projects, such as the Fox drama Hieroglyph, the Netflix thriller The Otherworld, and the indie film Good Kids. She also voiced a character in the video game Need for Speed Payback.

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How Did Tasie Lawrence Meet and Marry Jim Jefferies?

Tasie Lawrence and Jim Jefferies met in Los Angeles in 2019 through mutual friends. They kept their relationship private for a while until they confirmed it on social media. They also appeared together on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in October 2019, where Jefferies revealed that he was dating a British woman.

They got married in September 2020 in a secret ceremony amid the COVID-19 pandemic. They announced their marriage on Instagram by posting a picture of them wearing wedding rings and smiling. They received many congratulations from their fans and friends.

They welcomed their first child together, a son named Charlie Jefferies, in early 2021. They shared the news on Instagram by posting a picture of their baby’s hand holding theirs. They also have another son from Jefferies’ previous relationship with actress Kate Luyben, named Hank Jefferies.

They currently live in Los Angeles with their two sons and their dog named Cookie. They often share pictures and videos of their family life on social media. They also support each other’s careers and projects. They are one of the most adorable couples in Hollywood.

Happy third wedding anniversary; I continue to adore you. Despite hitting above her weight, I like her:


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Why is Tassie Lawrence an Inspiration to Many People?

Lawrence is highly regarded by many individuals due to her exceptional talents as both an actress and singer. She has publicly addressed her personal experiences with anxiety and despair in order to promote awareness regarding the importance of mental health advocacy.

She has also publicly addressed her personal battle with an eating disorder, highlighting her eventual success in overcoming it. Lawrence also demonstrates a strong commitment to social justice and human rights matters.

She has publicly voiced her opposition to racism, sexism, homophobia, and various other forms of discrimination. Additionally, she has conveyed her admiration for fellow actors of South Asian descent, namely Riz Ahmed and Dev Patel, who are actively challenging barriers within the realm of Hollywood.

Lawrence possesses a diverse range of talents and interests. She has a strong affinity for activities such as reading, writing, painting, practising yoga and meditation, exploring new destinations, honing her culinary skills, and cherishing quality moments with her dear ones. In her Instagram bio, she characterizes herself as an individual with a penchant for dreaming and a deep appreciation for love.


Tasie Lawrence is more than just Jim Jefferies’ wife. She is an accomplished artist and a compassionate human being who has faced many challenges and overcome them with grace and courage. She is a role model for many young women who aspire to pursue their dreams and make a difference in the world.

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