Joan Sebastian De@th: The Son of Mexican Pop Star is Sh0t Dead at a Bar

Juan Sebastián, his second oldest son, was sh0t dead in Cuernavaca, Morelos, on June 12, 2010, after he and several companions were turned away from a nightclub. Joan Sebastian insisted that the Mexican dr*g gangs were unrelated to the k!lling of his son.

The son of Mexican musician Joan Sebastian was sh0t and mu*dered during a bar brawl four years after the mu*der of another of his children. According to a statement released by the Morelos state Attorney General’s office, a security guard is under investigation for Jose Sebastian Figueroa’s mu*der.

Joan Sebastian De@th

The 32-year-old Figueroa and his buddies showed up at the pub, but the security staff reportedly would not allow them. A struggle erupted, leading to Figueroa being sh0t twice by a guard. The announcement was vague about whether the guard had been detained. There was no way to contact anybody from the prosecutor’s office.

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Trigo Figueroa, another of Sebastian’s sons, was sh0t and died in August 2006 in Texas while attempting to maintain order after one of his father’s concerts.

Sebastian, José Manuel Figueroa, is a singing cowboy who has won several Latin Grammy Awards and is known for his performances on a horse. In 2009, he took home a Latin Grammy for his single “No Es de Madera.”

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