Joe Biden or Donald Trump: Who Wants to Be Better for India? | Joe Biden or Donald Trump: Who Wants to Be Better for India?

When it comes to elections in America, every country, whether America’s friend or foe, turns its eyes to these choices. This November 3 presidential election will also provide clarity on relations with the rest of America.

Relations between the two countries have flourished since the Cold War

After the Cold War, India’s relations with the United States began to heat up, whether Republicans became presidents or Democrats. Similarly, whether Donald Trump stays there or who chooses to replace him with Biden, America’s relationship with India remains more or less the same, though not better. Nevertheless, this article will examine that it would be better for Delhi to become president of these two. You will also know from this article that what has not happened to India in the last 4 years of Trump Raj, which should have happened.

Did Trump flourish between India and America in Trump’s time?
Trump and the Indian Prime Minister have always shown warm relations with each other. The result of this happiness between them was that India for the first time had a 2 + 2 dialogue with America at the level of the Ministry of Defense and Foreign Affairs. Despite repeatedly praising Modi, Trump has also acted against India’s priorities, including H-1B visas, GSP and proposals for mediation in the Kashmir dispute. During his tenure, Trump called India a ‘customs king’ and removed him from the list of countries included in the GSP (Generalized System of Preferences), a mechanism to help developing countries act. America demanded equal and rational treatment of American products in the Indian market. In response, Delhi also took steps like raising some taxes. Several rounds of negotiations took place between Delhi and Washington. However, so far no solution has been found. Trump also questioned the heavy tax on motorcycles from U.S. companies in India, which was then brought from 75 percent to 50 percent. According to Trump, however, even such a shortcoming is not acceptable.

Americans liked the America First slogan of 2016

Trump’s slogan of ‘America First’ at the 2016 election was well received by the people of America. However, many economists and supporters of the free economy were harshly criticized and opposed. Under Trump’s rule, large Indian technology companies like Wipro and Infosys were forced to provide jobs to more and more Americans. During this time, these companies rejected many applications and renewals of visas. According to a report by Nomura, the number of new visa refusals, which was 6 percent in 2016, rose to 44 percent in 2020, and the number of visa renewal applications rose from 4 percent in 2016 to 21 percent in 2020.

The H-1B visa allows companies to designate positions of high expertise from abroad, and Indians have benefited most since then. The change in the Trump administration in this policy has meant that the most affected Indians are those who want to travel to America via H-1B visas. In June, Trump extended his order banning visas for foreigners before the end of this year so that Americans seeking jobs harmed by the Corona virus epidemic would benefit. But because of this, many economies had a very bad effect. The leprosy situation arose when Trump also signed an order in early August banning U.S. federal agencies from hiring foreign workers.

Indo-American relations are heating up during the Bush era
Indian and American defense relations began to strengthen in Junior Bush’s time, and since then every subsequent government has followed this trail. According to India’s ThinkTank Observation Research Foundation, defense trade jumped between the two countries, where it was only 1 billion. $ In 2008, to 18 billion. $ 2019. In this article, it is further written that between 2013 and 2017, US arms exports reached a height of 550 percent compared to the last five years.

Trump also lifted Obama’s ban on providing unmanned systems to India, and India became America’s first non-treaty partner given the MTCR’s category-1 unmanned antenna system. Arms exports also became easier for India when Trump passed a decree accepting the status of India’s Strategic Trade Authority-1 (STA-1). So far, only 2 Asian countries, South Korea and Japan, have benefited. Apart from this, many statements were made about Trump’s union area Jammu and Kashmir for mediation, but his administration refrained from making any critical statement in other internal affairs in India. Whether it’s the abolition of Section 370 or a demonstration of the Citizenship Change Bill (CAA). Trump has repeatedly said he has full confidence in India’s democratic system. It was also seen under the Trump administration that the spontaneous relationship that the US government maintains with Delhi is not with Beijing or Islamabad.

What does Biden have for India?
Addressing the American Independence Day on American Independence Day, Joe Biden said, “Fifteen years ago, I was trying to lead a civilian nuclear deal between India and America under my leadership.” I said that if America and India become friends, the world will be safer ”. The signing of the 2009 nuclear deal was a major historic event in Obama’s time. Experts believe Biden’s expertise in foreign policy played an important role in compromising New Delhi, meaning that New Delhi will always be a priority for Washington. In his speech on Independence Day, Biden said he will always stand with India, even under the threat at India’s borders because of China and Pakistan.

Biden also said that terrorism of any kind will not be tolerated in South Asia, whether it is from across the border or by any other means. He also warned Pakistan not to try to use America for terrorism. Speaking of Pakistan, however, you should know that when Biden was Vice President of the United States, he received Pakistan’s second highest honor ‘Hilal-e-Pakistan’. U.S. aid to Pakistan also remained above $ 630 billion between 2013 and 2016, which Trump reduced to $ 392 billion in 2017 and retained the same in 2018. So it remains to be seen whether the Biden administration is more liberal towards Pakistan than Trump .

Trump brought new theory to Bidep

Trump has brought a conspiracy theory about Biden about how China wants Biden to become president of the United States. However, neither Biden nor Biden’s campaign has received such a message that China can expect any benefit from this democratic candidate. According to Biden’s election campaign, “Biden’s administration will work with India to stabilize the Indo-Pacific region according to the rules, where no country including China can threaten its neighbors”. India was most affected at the time Trump suspended H-1B, now Biden has clarified that this suspension will be scrapped in his administration. Referring to contributions from foreign workers, Biden also said that if he came to power, it would be his priority to grant immigrants citizenship without documents, including 1.7 million people from the Asian American Pacific Islanders (API) community.

The Indians became angry when Biden’s campaign website criticized the CAA and NRC in a political document, saying they compromised the credibility of India’s secular democracy with other faiths. This criticism was not only limited to the CAA but also to Kashmir. But by implementing this, the Indo-American relations will be greatly affected because these issues are much discussed. So Indians should read this article and let the Americans make their decision. Yet India and America are aware that the strained relationship between the two will not only be illogical but also harm the world system, and which Biden and Donald Trump will also be aware of.

(Author: employed by ZEE Group’s international channel WION.)
(Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the author’s personal views)

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