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John Holmes Net Worth In 2022: How Rich Is The American Actor?

John Holmes Net Worth: John C. Holmes, an American actor was born on August 8, 1944, in Ashville, Ohio. John Holmes net worth increased during the course of his career. He has made a name for himself as a prominent American pornstar. He passed away in March of 1988 due to AIDS-related complications. John finished the production of the films Boogie Nights and Wonderland.

John Holmes Net Worth

John Holmes wealth was between $1 and $50 million per year. He worked from 1967 to 1987. The pornographic film industry was responsible for his multiplicity of names. “He is a king,” is one of the many well-known sayings about him. With the help of director Bob Chinn, he finished filming his first adult film, which he gave the name Johnny Wadd. John Holmes net worth skyrocketed when he appeared in films.

John Holmes Family

His father’s name is Carl Estes, and his mother’s name is Mary (mother). Information gleaned from social media indicates that he is of American descent and a citizen of the United States. There are rumours that he has children, but no one knows for sure.

John Holmes Net Worth

John Holmes Wife

His relationship status was married. Laurie Holmes is John’s second wife. We don’t yet know whether he has a sibling or a sister, but that information will be updated as soon as possible.


Let’s explore his life as a film actor from childhood through adulthood. After the fast success of Chin’s rebuttal to Johnny Waad’s film, he released Flesh of the Lotus in that same year to keep the excitement in subsequent fights going. The majority of the ensuing Johnny Wad films were written and directed by Chin, with production handled by Freeway Films in Los Angeles. As a porn entertainer in the late 1970s, Holmes might make as much as $3,000 each day.

Even though Holmes had come out as HIV positive, she wed Laurie Rose on January 23, 1987, in Las Vegas, Nevada. His mother Mary and wife Laurie exhumed his ashes from the ocean floor in Oxnard, California, after he had been cremated. On February 14, 1985, John was honoured as the First Inductee in the XRCO Hall of Fame. The second was the 2008 XBIZ Award for Lifetime Achievement in Male Performer.

His wealth was between $1 and $50 million per year.

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