John Major Net Worth, Early Life, Member of Parliament, Personal Life and Much More

John Major Net Worth: As you all know, John Major is a renowned British politician. He was the prime minister of the UK from 1990 to 1997. During his tenure, he was praised by the British public for his deeds. In the initial stage of his career he has done several jobs such as insurance, banking and much more. But his first political role was as a councillor in the council. He was widely acclaimed during this. In addition to becoming widely acclaimed he has earned a huge net worth for himself.

John Major Net Worth

The conservative British politician John Major has a net worth of $50 million. From 1990 until 1997, John Major led the United Kingdom as its prime minister. He was the foreign secretary and chancellor of the Exchequer in the latter years of Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet before becoming the mayor of Huntingdon.

Major did many things while prime minister, including establishing the Citizen’s Charter, sending British troops to the Gulf War, and passing several improvements in criminal justice and education. In 1999, the Queen knighted Sir John with the Companion of Honour, and he retired from Parliament in 2001. Queen Elizabeth II made Sir John a Knight Companion of the Noblest Order of the Garter on St. George’s Day in 2005. You may also be interested in Casey Anthony Net Worth.

Early Life

John Major’s parents, Gwen and a former music hall actor named Tom gave birth to him on March 29, 1943, in St. Helier, Surrey, England. Terry and Pat were the names of his older brothers and sisters. The German bombing of their Surrey neighbourhood in World War II forced the family to relocate to Saham Toney, Norfolk. Beginning his formal education in 1948, Major attended Cheam Common School, where his interests included literature, football, and cricket.

John Major Net Worth
John Major Net Worth

A year later, he enrolled in the prestigious Rutlish Institution. In the 1950s, the family’s financial situation worsened when Major’s father became unwell and a recalled business loan caused them to be relocated to a small flat in south London. More importantly, Major left school in 1959, right before he turned 16 years old.


After dropping out of school, Major got a job as a clerk at the Price Forbes insurance brokerage, but he didn’t stick around for long. Following this, he joined the Young Conservatives in Brixton and worked for a few years alongside his brother in the family garden ornament business. At the end of 1962, Major started working for the London Electricity Board. Throughout the 1960s, he became increasingly interested in politics, working for local Conservative candidates Kenneth Payne and Piers Dixon. You can also look at Toni Morrison Net Worth.

Major eventually moved on from his position with the London Electricity Board to take a job with the District Bank, and then a year later he moved on to a similar position with Standard Bank. His first official political role came in 1968 when he was elected as a Conservative councillor in the Lambeth London Borough Council. After serving for a while on the Housing Committee, he eventually took over as chairman. John Major net worth kept increasing throughout his career.

Member of Parliament

Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative Party was restored to power in the 1979 election, and John Major won the seat for Huntingdon. At the beginning of Thatcher’s term in office, Major served as a Parliamentary Private Secretary and an assistant whip, among other lower-level government jobs. After Thatcher won the election in 1987, Major became the Treasury Secretary in her Cabinet. He started as an undersecretary, then rose to become chancellor of the Exchequer. You can also read Sean Quinn Net Worth.

Prime Minister

After Thatcher’s resignation in late 1990, Major became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Over 14 million votes were cast for the Conservative Party under his leadership two years later, a record for any British political party. Major led the country until Tony Blair and the Labor Party won a landslide victory over the Conservatives in 1997. John Major net worth was impacted when he served as the prime minister.

During his seven years as prime minister, Major was instrumental in a number of key initiatives. He started out by making a document called the Citizen’s Charter, the goal of which was to enhance the quality of government services in the United Kingdom. Additionally, he oversaw discussions for his country with the European Union over the Maastricht Treaty and started the Northern Ireland peace process after abolishing the Poll Tax and replacing it with the Council Tax.

The international scene was dominated by Major’s decisions to send British forces to the Gulf War and then to oversee the peaceful return of Hong Kong to China. On the other hand, his “Back to Basics” campaign, a reactionary appeal to traditional family values, was widely mocked and failed. Major privatised the railways and the coal business, among other things, and enacted reforms in education and penal justice. John Major net worth is $50 million.

Although Major resigned as Conservative Party leader in the middle of 1995 due to internal scandals and schisms, he ran for reelection and was successful. Even yet, his leadership was widely panned, and by the end of 1996, his administration had lost its majority in the House of Commons. This culminated in a landslide win for the Labour Party in 1997, ending the Conservatives’ 18-year reign in office. Major stepped down as Conservative Party leader when Tony Blair was elected prime minister. You can also go through Curt Menefee Net Worth.

Personal Life

Major married fellow Young Conservatives member Norma Johnson in 1970. Elizabeth and James are their children’s names. It came to light in 2002 that between 1984 and 1988, Major had an affair with Conservative lawmaker Edwina Currie. John Major net worth is $50 million.

To sum up, it is clear that we have talked about John Major Net Worth. The conservative British politician has made his wealth through various sources. If you would like to know more content, please visit our website

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