Who Is John Oliver’s Wife? All Important Facts About His Spouse

John Oliver is a well-known political commentator and host of Last Week Tonight’s satirical news program. He might casually bring up his wife while cracking jokes about the news. Once, in 2020, he mentioned her during a particularly lengthy routine.

Oliver has spoken highly about his wife in the past but has been cagey about providing any additional information. There is some interest in discovering who she is. Kate Norley shares his intelligence and zeal for life.

Who Is John Oliver’s Wife?

During a business trip to the 2008 Republican National Convention, Oliver met his future wife, Norley. He and his team were being pursued by security after entering a restricted area. Norley and some other veterans concealed him, and she and he remained in touch after the incident.

John Oliver's Wife

Although Norley and Oliver initially seemed like an odd couple, the two eventually fell in love. She said “yes” to his proposal in 2010, and the couple tied the knot the following year. Despite their political disagreements, they’ve loved each other for as long as I’ve known them.

Oliver is reluctant to discuss his family because of his partner’s children. He thinks making a big fuss on TV about them is inappropriate. Not long after Norley and Oliver tied the knot, they became parents to their first child.

Norley gave birth to her son Hudson in 2015, a month early, but he thrived and is now a thriving toddler. She and Oliver’s second son was born in 2018. However, they have yet to reveal the child’s name. Many have speculated on whether or not Oliver’s offspring will share his love of satire.

Advocate and Iraq War Veteran Kate Norley

Norley was born in the United States, while Oliver is from the UK. She is an Iraq War veteran and native of Arlington, Virginia, at least according to Parade. After 9/11, she enlisted and trained as a battlefield medic and mental health specialist.

The troops in Iraq also benefited from Norley’s services as a counselor. She was given a lapel button from the 1st Cavalry Division to recognize the division’s wartime service. On rare occasions, Oliver can be spotted sporting the pin. After moving back to the States, Norley continued her successful streak.

With this in mind, Norley started campaigning for increased support for veterans’ causes. Many media sites, including Fox News, featured her after learning about her work. Norley’s attendance at the convention where she met Oliver was motivated by a desire to support veterans.

Norley was attempting to raise awareness for Vets for Freedom during the gathering. The group was established by veterans who supported specific Iraqi policies. Oliver’s opinion of the military may have shifted since Norley’s time in the Army.

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Other facts about Kate Norley

Norley had a history of trauma even before she enlisted in the military in the early 2000s. When driving to a soccer game when she was 16, she was involved in a car accident. Her mother could nurse her back to health after she sustained a severe brain injury.

John Oliver's Wife

Norley continues fighting for veterans’ rights and supports Vets for Freedom. She has donated much time and resources to relief efforts after natural catastrophes at home and abroad. For instance, Norley helped those in need immediately after Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines.

Oliver remembers Norley’s account in the aftermath of the catastrophic tropical storm. She can deliver the best care possible thanks to her training as an Army medic. She has probably also contributed to other good causes.

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