What Do You Know About Johnny Cash Black Wife? Uncovering the Truth!

What do you know about the black woman who Johnny Cash married? Find out what’s really going on in this interesting story! Did Johnny Cash’s first wife come from Africa? How did they meet, and what kind of connection did they have? Find out some interesting things about Vivian Liberto, the young woman who won Johnny Cash’s heart.

Find out about their love, how they got married, and the problems they had. Find out why they eventually broke up and what happened in Vivian’s life after the split. Learn about the parts of Johnny Cash’s life that aren’t as well known and how his first wife affected his famous singing career.

Who is Johnny Cash Black Wife?

Vivian Liberto was Johnny Cash’s first wife. When Vivian was just 17 years old, the two met at a figure skating competition. Cash promised his wife Vivian his undying love and devotion, but he eventually betrayed her. Their marriage may have been wrecked, but their love was not. Vivian Liberto entered the world on April 23, 1934. She was born in Italy but raised in America.

She grew up in a religious Catholic family alongside her brother, Raymond Alvin Liberto. Johnny Cash, a 20th-century music legend, was one of the people she met at a figure skating competition. Before Johnny’s US Air Force deployment to Germany, the couple started dating and courted for three weeks. The couple’s correspondence helped keep their bond alive while Johnny was away in Germany.

Johnny Cash Black Wife

They later tied the knot in front of immediate relatives and friends. Later, Vivian Liberto Cash filed for divorce from Johnny Cash, citing his long-term drug addiction and adulterous affairs as reasons. The divorce was finalized in 1966. She eventually met and wed Distin, a Ventura police officer, and spent her retirement years in that city.

See the cash nuclear family in the below photo:

Johnny Cash Black Wife

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Does Johnny Cash’s First Wife Have Black Heritage?

A recent DNA test revealed some surprising discrepancies in Johnny Cash’s family tree. Online reports said that Vivian Liberto, who thought she was of Sicilian, German, and Irish ancestry, was actually partially derived from slaves. According to the test results, Liberto’s great-great-grandmother was a Black slave.

Rosanne Cash, Cash’s daughter, took a DNA test after seeing an episode of “Finding Your Roots: with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.” in February and discovering that her mother’s great-great-grandmother was Black.

Sarah Shields was the woman’s name, and she and her eight siblings were liberated since their father was white. Shields eventually wed a white man, and the couple’s offspring were also categorized as white.

The country star’s d*ug abuse eventually led to the termination of his marriage to June Carter, who was then his wife. When a photograph of Liberto appearing in court to support Cash revealed her dark skin tone, white extremists reportedly called for a boycott of Cash’s music.

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