Joker 2: Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Everything We Know So Far

There is a lot of buzz for part 2 of the thriller story, Joker among the fans, let’s catch all the updates here 

American psychological thriller film Joker has gained immense popularity and there has been a high demand for Joker 2 for a long time. The movie is directed and produced by Todd Phillips which is based on Characters by DC Comics. On August 31, 2019, Joker debuted at the 76th Venice International Film Festival, where it also won the Golden Lion, and later on October 4, 2019, it was released in the US. After its release only, this crime drama gained a huge fan base. For such an amazing plot, fans are demanding another dose. We are here to analyze in detail all the possibilities and updates on Joker 2.

Joker 2: When will it premiere?

There is no confirmation on when we will be getting the story continuation. As far as part 2 is concerned, there are various reports that the movie is in development. But there is no clue on the production of the same, the only hint is it may start any time. 

If the production gets started in the coming few days, How much time will it take to hit the screen?

If we look at the history of the movie, it just wrapped the filming in 12 weeks which is quite a less period, as there were no CGI pieces. We are aware that there is a huge popularity of the story and it did really well at the box office. So with that, we may expect that there could be extended time to shoot for part 2, in order to take the audience’s interest much higher than before. There are chances that we will get the movie somewhere in 2023, so the enthusiasts have to wait for a long time for another part… These are mere speculations on the basis of past trends.. whatever the situation would be, we will keep updating you.

Reception of the movie

Joker became a big hit at the box office and set several records after its release. It is rated 8.4/ 10 on IMDb. It grossed over $1 billion which made the film the first R-rated film to achieve this. It also bagged the title of the sixth-highest-grossing film of 2019. Apart from these, the movie received a long list of accolades, the film earned 11 nominations at the 92nd Academy Awards including Best Director, Best Picture, and so on. Joaquin Phoenix received the Best Actor award for the movie, and he became the second actor to win an Oscar. He and Guonadottir also received awards at BAFTA and Golden Globe Award ceremonies. So the demand for the sequel is pretty obvious.

Cast: Who will be in the movie?

There is a high chance that Joaquin Phoenix as Joker will reprise the role.  As he was the lead role and got the Oscar for the same. He is projected as a mentally ill personality and stand-up comedian who is disregarded by society. The history of abuse induces him to become a nihilistic criminal with a clown motif. As he is the center of attraction, we will get him back in the movie.

Joker 2
Joker 2

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Apart from Joaquin, we may also have Robert De Niro as Murray Franklin, Zazie Beetz as Sophie Dumond, Frances Conroy as Penny Fleck, Brett Cullen portraying Thomas Wayne, and more. As there are no words on the cast list till now, we have to wait for the exact details on the same. As the shooting has not started yet, we may get some hints of the coming cast at the time of filming.

Plot: What will be the storyline?

As already mentioned the details for the same are not hinted, there is a long way to go for Joker 2, so it can follow several twists and turns. In the first part, we saw Arthur Fleck gunning down Murray Franklin, the TV host. We also witnessed the crime plot where Bruce Wayne saw the murder of his parents, by a clown-masked rioter. So part two will project the much more dramatic crime and reveal a lot of dark secrets hidden underneath. So we have to wait a long time to catch this epic story again.

Is there any trailer?

Till now, the trailer of Part 2 has not been released. As the show is in the very first stage, we have to wait for any teaser or short clip for the same. If you have missed this epic story, give it a sure shot watch until the next comes in the frame.

Concluding Lines

The movie Joker is one of the most amazing stories because of this, the demand for the sequel is quite high. The story is showcased in a brilliant manner, which is one of the reasons for such popularity. The enthusiasts are pretty hopeful for part 2. Share your views on what you think on this

We will be coming back with other latest updates so keep visiting regularly.

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